Beware of Corona as well as Malaria

Nowadays, there is talk of doing Corona everywhere, while with the onset of summer, there is a lot of chance of spreading malaria in this season and mosquitoes are also very much in the summer season, due to this, it can also cause malaria,
The world struggling with corona has high hopes of helping with the treatment of malaria with Hydroxychloroquine but the question of the changing climate is that the disease of which the world is trying to prevent corona, How vigilant are we about that malaria, yes, even though everyone’s eyes are still on the dangerous virus like corona, but this season is also of the disease spread by mosquitoes, these days a little carelessness can cause malaria. To increase immunity and pay special attention to cleanliness around.

Which Mosquito Bite Causes Malaria-

It will be known to almost everyone that the female anaphylase mosquito is the carrier of the malaria disease that spreads through the protozoan parasite, a malaria parasite is left in the body when a person is bitten by an infected anaphylase mosquito. If another female anaphylid mosquito bites a person infected with malaria, she is also infected, and then when she bites a new person, they gets a malaria infection and in very short time they also suffer from anemia, and the initial symptoms are fever pain, many times the infected person first infects the liver and then red blood cells, its symptoms appear in 1 to 2 weeks, It can also be fatal if don;t care is taken in case of malaria infection in people with TV, AIDS and weakened immune system, it would be not better to take any medication by yourself, if any symptoms are seen in this season. It is advisable to consult a doctor immediately, normal examination of blood can detect malaria and its treatment is also easy.

Symptoms of Malaria-

1-High fever with cold
3-Vomiting or nausea
4-Have a cold
5-Rapid fall in sugar level
5-High fever and then sweating when the fever subsides
6-Sometimes an infected person becomes unconscious
8-Muscle pain

Cleanliness will Keep you Healthy

1-Make home hygiene a priority
2-Put netting in the window and door so that mosquito does not come from outside
3-Do not keep empty cans or other such items in the house, where water is filled for several days and mosquitoes have a chance to thrive.
4-Keep changing the cooler water too
5-Spray pesticides periodically
6-Use mosquito coil to prevent mosquito
7-Dressed in full sleeves
8-Use mustard oil or medicated oil gel on open body and face at
9- Use Mosquito net

Home Remedies for Malaria

1-Giloy is considered nectar for the treatment of malaria and dengue. Take Giloy’s pill or make a decoction of Giloy and consume it three to four times, it will give you a lot of relief, Giloy or Giloy pill will be found easily at any Ayurvedic shop or Patanjali store.
2-In malaria, eating guava rich in vitamin C and many nutritious elements is also very beneficial.
3-Mixing 10 leaves of basil with 5-6 black pepper and a spoonful of honey also relieves malarial fever
4-Feeding a person suffering from malaria by spraying rock salt and black pepper powder on any one of the limes or apples that you have, and licking with the tongue if there is lemon, is very beneficial in malaria.
5-Boil it well by mixing one teaspoon cinnamon powder, one teaspoon honey and half teaspoon pepper powder in a glass of water and then cool and drink it to a person suffering from malaria, it helps to relieve fever.
6-Drinking lukewarm lemonade is also very beneficial in malaria. You can drink it 2-3 times in 1 day.
7-Boil 10 grams of ginger and 10 grams of Raisin in a glass of water and then cool it and drink it. It is very beneficial.
8-Chirata is considered to be a good treatment for malaria. By using it, the increased temperature of the body also gradually decreases, adding 10 to 15 grams of Chirata, 4-5 cloves and some cinnamon to the boil and boil it well then cool it Drink three to four times, this will give you a lot of benefit.

What should Eat and What not in Malaria –

In case of malaria disease, special care needs to be given to eating and drinking. In such a situation it is also necessary to take healthy diet, so let us know what we should eat and what not.

What to eat in malaria-

1-Take tea, coffee and milk. Drink Tea with basil leaves, black pepper, cinnamon or ginger.
2-Feed apple to the patient of malaria, it benefits in malaria.
3-Taking honey mixed with powder of peepal is beneficial in malaria fever.
4-Eat lentils and rice khichdi, oatmeal, sago. They are easy to digest and also nutritious.
5-Chop the lemon and add black pepper powder and rock salt on it and licking with the tongue, the taste will be fine and will also benefit.
6-Eating guava in malarial fever benefits the patient.
7-Boil basil leaves and black pepper in water, filter and drink.

What not to eat in malaria

1-Do not drink cold water at all nor take a bath with cold water.
2-The patient should not eat mango, pomegranate, litchi, pineapple, orange etc.
3-Do not eat fruits and substances of cold effect.
4-Do not stay in AC much nor sleep in AC at night.
5-Do not eat curd, shikanji, carrot, radish etc.
6-Do not eat foods made with chili-spices and acid juice.

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