Benefits Of Pear Fruit: 8 Amazing Health & Beauty Benefits Of Eating Pear

Pear is a seasonal fruit. Its scientific name is Pyrus and in English it is called Peer. Pear is considered very good for health. In fact, pear is full of Ayurvedic properties. Let us tell you that vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, K, minerals, potassium, phenolic compounds, folate, fiber, copper, manganese, magnesium, as well as organic compounds are also found in pears. Not only this, most of the fiber in it is in the form of pectin, which can be helpful in reducing cholesterol and protecting against the risk of heart disease. The amount of calories in pears is also very less, which can help in reducing weight, so let us tell you the benefits of eating pears today.

What is Pears-

Pear is a seasonal fruit, which looks somewhat like a green apple. This fruit is available from summer to rainy season and some types are available for twelve months of the year. Its scientific name is Pyrus and in English it is called Pear. In other languages ​​such as – pear in Hindi, pear in Malayalam, perikkay in Tamil, naspati in Punjabi, pear in Bengali. Pears are sweet to eat, but some pears can be mildly sour.

Before you know the benefits of eating pears, we are giving you some information about the types of pears. Although there are many types of pears, but below we are telling you the names of some of its main types.

  • Green Anjou
  • Red Anjou
  • Green Bartlett
  • Red Bartlett
  • Bosc
  • Forelle
  • Comice

8 Health Benefits of eating pears-

  1. For Bones: Pear is considered very beneficial for bones. It is considered a good source of calcium. Calcium helps in making bones strong. Pear can be consumed to prevent weakening of bones.
  2. For Anemia: Pears are considered a good source of iron. People who are deficient in hemoglobin should consume pears. It can help in fulfilling the deficiency of anemia.
  3. For Energy: If you feel lack of energy in the body, then you should consume pears. Nutrients found in pears are considered helpful in boosting energy, not only this, they can also help in keeping the skin healthy.
  4. For Obesity: Obesity is one of the serious problems of today’s time. If you are troubled by increased weight, then include pears in the diet. The elements found in pears can help in reducing weight.
  5. For Digestion: Pears are considered a good source of fiber. The digestive system can be improved by the consumption of pears. Consuming pears can be very beneficial for those who are troubled by the problem of digestion.
  6. For Diabetes: Consumption of pears is beneficial for diabetic patients. Pear contains fiber and anti-diabetic properties, which can help in reducing the problem of diabetes.
  7. During pregnancy- During pregnancy, special care needs to be taken with the diet. During this, women need many types of nutritious elements, but what is most important is folate. It can prevent birth defects like neural tube defects in the baby. In such a situation, the consumption of pears can be very beneficial for pregnant.
  8. Inflammation – Pear can also prove to be an effective fruit in reducing inflammation. Carotene and zeaxanthin present in pears work effectively on the problem of inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties present in it can help prevent inflammation. Therefore, this beneficial fruit can be included in the diet.

8 Beauty Benefits of eating pears-

  1. Pear to prevent skin damage
    Sometimes sunlight, dust-soil and change in weather become the cause of skin damage. Not only this, the lack of nutrients also becomes a problem for the skin. For this, people resort to many types of creams and techniques, which can be harmful to the skin. In such a situation, it is better that you give natural treatment to your skin. You can make the skin healthy by including pears in the diet. Pear contains vitamin-C , which can protect the skin from many types of damage . Therefore, definitely include this nutritious fruit in your diet.
  2. Benefits of Pear for Wrinkles and Acne
    Wrinkles and pimples do not happen by looking at age. They can target your skin at any time. The reason for this is a variety of chemical-rich cosmetic products, pollution, wrong eating habits and lack of skin care. In such a situation, it is important to pay attention to them in time. If you want to prevent wrinkles and acne, then include pears in your routine. Not only will it get rid of wrinkles, but it will also help keep acne and pimples away. Pear is full of nutritious elements, which will work to benefit your skin .
  3. Benefits of Pear for Oily Skin
    People with oily skin start having many problems, such as pimples, acne and excessive sweating. Pear can be a good choice in this situation. This nutritious fruit can reduce the problem of oily skin, which can also relieve the problem of pimple. Therefore, people with oily skin can get rid of excess oil from their skin by consuming this fruit .
  4. Benefits of Pear to Moisturize Skin
    It is also important to moisturize the skin. Although people use many types of creams and body lotions to moisturize the skin, but if the skin is moisturized in a natural way, then the skin can become more healthy. To keep the skin moisturized for a long time, include pear fruit in your diet. With its consumption, the skin can remain healthy and moisturized for a long time . For this, you must include pear fruit or juice in the diet.
  5. Benefits of Pear for Glowing Skin
    Not only beauty, but it is also important to have glow on the skin. The glow of the skin is a sign of its health. Women use various beauty products to get glowing skin. However, due to this, the glow on their face remains for some time and then the face starts looking lifeless. In such a situation, the natural glow on the face can be more effective. To increase the glow of the face, the consumption of pears can be very beneficial.
  6. Pears to enhance complexion
    Many times, due to pollution and lack of skin care, the complexion of the skin starts getting affected. In such a situation, many times people use cosmetics products, but its effect lasts only for some time. In such a situation, natural remedies and consumption of fruits can be effective. You can apply pear, pear juice or pear pack to enhance your complexion. Pear contains an element called Arbutin, which can help in improving the skin tone.

How to choose the right pear and store it for a long time?

Some people have trouble when buying pears. They are unable to choose the right pear. Therefore, below we are giving you important tips for selecting and storing pears.

Election :

You will find pears easily in the market or in the supermarket.
While buying pears, keep in mind that the pears are fresh.
Always choose a pear of golden color. At the same time, a sweet-smelling aroma came from it.
A good pear is neither too hard nor too soft.
There should be no scratch marks on the skin of the pear. If there is a brown stain on a pear, then there is nothing to worry about, you can buy it.
When buying pears make sure that the top part (closer to the stem) is neither too soft nor too hard. To check this, you can check it by pressing it lightly with your fingers. If it’s too soft, don’t buy it, as it may spoil.

How to store-

Now it is the turn that how long and how long it can be stored.

You should store pears in a cool place only.
If you want to store ripe pears, keep them in the refrigerator. However, if you want to let the pear ripen at room temperature, place it in a bowl without washing it, as moisture can cause the fruit to rot faster.
If you bought the pears that are raw and small, put them in a paper bag with holes so that they ripen easily.
Keep in mind that after buying pears, do not store them for a long time, but consume them only in a day or two.
Do not cut the pear and keep it for a long time.
To get the benefits of pear, it is also necessary to use it properly. In this part of the article, we will give you information about the use of pear fruit.

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