Benefits of oil hair massage you should also know

Hair oil massage is very beneficial not only for the hair but also for the scalp. Know how.
  • Benefits of oil hair massage
  • Which oil is beneficial for hair massage
  • How to choose oil according to hair
  • How to do hair oil massage

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These days chemical-rich products are used so much in the hair that they become weak and do not shine. In such a situation, if it is suggested to apply oil to keep the hair healthy and strong, then the answer is that oil was applied in the days of grandmother. Who applies the oil now? But do you know that oil makes hair thick, adds shine to them? Not only this, it also does not allow the scalp to become dry and also keeps the skin away from bacterial and fungal infections. That is, the hair gets nourishing elements from the oil. Therefore, take some time out of your busy routine and massage your hair with oil. If oil is massaged in the hair regularly, then it has many benefits.

Benefits of oil hair massage-

  • If the roots of the hair are dry, then oil massage gives them strength and helps in the growth of new hairs.
  • Oil prevents hair breakage and tangling, as well as massaging the head with oil keeps the blood circulation of the head smooth.
  • Due to not applying the right amount of oil in the hair, the hair starts splitting. By applying enough oil, this problem goes away.
  • Massage not only makes the hair healthy, but also benefits the body. Have a good night’s sleep. The mind also calms down.

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  • The oil brings moisture to the hair. They become soft and shiny. Whenever you apply oil in the hair, keep in mind that do not apply oil to the entire hair at once, but make a section and apply oil. By doing this the oil reaches the scalp well.
  • Taking a hot steam bath is also beneficial for the hair and scalp. Massage the scalp with hot oil and after this, wrap a towel soaked in lukewarm water on the head for a few minutes. By doing this, the pores of the skin of the head are opened and the hair becomes shiny.
  • Oil is essential for hair growth. By massaging this, the cells of your head become very active, due to which the hair grows quickly.
  • If you want thick and silky hair, then mix curd in mustard oil and apply. With this the hair will grow and it will also become thick.
  • Before sleeping at night or at least twice a week, do a head massage. This not only nourishes the hair, but also reduces stress.

Which oil is beneficial for hair massage-

There are many types of aromatic oils available in the market today. Stay away from them. Massage with natural oil only. Olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, almond oil, bhringraj oil, neem oil, jojoba, jasmine and peppermint oil and henna oil are good options for scalp massage. If you do regular hair coloring then jojoba oil is the best option for you. Due to this, damaged colored and dry hair is repaired.

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How to choose oil according to hair-

  • Normal Hair: To maintain the natural shine of this type of hair, massage it with amla or almond oil.
  • Dry Hair: Coconut, sesame, mustard and almond oil are suitable for dry hair. Washing hair with coconut milk once a week is also beneficial.
  • Oily hair: Due to the release of a special type of sebum, the hair looks oily. Applying sesame or olive oil in such hair is beneficial.
  • Dandruff Hair: Due to dandruff in the scalp, the growth of hair also stops and they also become weak. To avoid this problem, use teatree oil and bhringraj oil.

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How to do hair oil massage-

When the skin of the head is healthy, only then the hair will be strong and thick. For healthy hair, it is most important that the massage is done properly. Before applying oil to the hair, make it lukewarm. After this, gently massage the scalp with the pores. Due to this, the blood circulation in the scalp increases and the closed pores of the scalp are opened. The movement of the fingers plays an important role while applying oil to the hair. While massaging, give pressure in the fingers and rotate it in the skin of the entire head. If you want, you can massage well with oil at night and shampoo the next day. If you do not want to keep the oil in the hair overnight, then the easiest way is to massage it well before shampooing and leave it for 1 hour. After this wash the hair with shampoo.

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