Benefits of Mustard Oil Massage on Soles of Feet

As you all know, mustard oil is used in almost all households. To make some food, one uses it daily to massage the body. Mustard oil is very beneficial in terms of health. You may need help from others to massage the other parts of the body but you can do the massage of the feet yourself. Let’s talk about its benefits.

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Improve eyesight –

If you massage with mustard oil on the soles of the feet before sleeping at night, then the eyesight is sharp. If you do not sleep well, then this recipe is the best for you. In addition, it keeps the body healthy and strong.

Improve blood circulation –

By wearing tight shoes and other types of footwear all day, blood attacks can not be done smoothly till the feet of the feet. Massage the feet and soles before 10 to 20 minutes before sleeping, blood touches smoothly till the last part of the feet.

Lose Weight –

The cause of obesity in the body is the accumulation of fat. It also causes many diseases. Massaging the soles of 5 minutes before sleeping every day, the fat stored in the body melts. By which the weight starts to lose.

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Good sleep –

The brain becomes very tired due to the evening running after day and night due to which many people do not sleep peacefully and their sleep breaks all night repeatedly. If such troubled people massage on their feet for 10-15 minutes before sleeping every night, then it helps in sleeping peacefully after finishing the restlessness of the feet.

Stress and impatience escapes-

We mostly live in tension and impatience. Foot massage can help a lot in reducing stress and rash. It can make a lot of money besides bringing peace to the mind. While doing massage, additional pressure on different parts of the soles, the nervous system is correct and the rest of the body feels relaxed, thereby causing lot of stress. In addition to giving pressure with hands, acupressure footpad can also be used.

Foot Pain Relief –

The well-made massage provides great comfort to the feet and feet of the masters, as well as the swollen inflammation on the feet, which is very comfortable in the pain of the feet. If the feet are washed with light lukewarm water before washing it, the results are even better.

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The right way to massage the feet-

1-Fill lukewarm water in a big kitchen and add 5-6 drops of any oil of your choice.
For 10 minutes, sink your feet in it and then press the feet with a cotton towel and wipe them off.

2-Hold your straight leg soles on the opposite knee.
Massage your oil of your choice, such as coconut oil, sesame oil, mustard oil or olive oil, and lighten your foot straight. While doing massage, move the hands up from the top to the bottom and give a slight  pressure on the feet.

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  1. Hi! Now I am 82 years. What is benefit of mustard oil for healthy legs, feet, sleep etc, Do I need to warm up mustard oil?
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