Benefits of Camphor Oil

Camphor is easily found in the house so you can use it comfortably. Camphor is a useful medicine to get rid of old joints and pain. Making camphor oil is very easy. Well, it is sold in the market under the name of Camphor Oil, but if you want to prepare it at home, then put copper pieces in coconut oil and lock it in an air tight box.

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Let us know about its advantages:

Acne & Pimple-

Acne, Pimple and then their scars, is a common problem. Applying Kapoor’s oil on the face reduces acne and their stains are also gradually decreasing. Apart from this, Kapoor also helps in fixing every kind of skin disease.

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Removal of traces of wounds and burns –

Even if the hand is burnt with fire or it has come to a dirt etc., Kapoor is also helpful. Add a little bit of camphor to the affected place. Do this for a few days and see how the stain disappears.

For Crack Heal-

Camphor makes the cracks of torn edges soft and fills them. Put a little camphor in hot water, scrub it after soaking feet, and do it for a few days. After this, put a good cream on the Heal.

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Remove skin rash and redness-

If red skin rashes occur every day on your skin, then fix the paste by mixing camphor with some water to make it clean and paste it in the affected place. Do this for several days. Slowly you will begin to see results.

For hair-

Camphor is also considered good for hair. Mixing camphor oil with aromatic oil, putting it on the head, the hair grows again and the urine becomes less. It makes the hair stronger than the root. If you want, add egg or curd in oil and put it in the head, then wash the hair after an hour. Preventing hair loss: Regular hair massage from camphor oil stops hair loss.

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