Benefits and side effects of Basil leaf

In Indian tradition, Tulsi Plant has its own importance. We worship Basil. Tulsi plant is usually kept in most of the houses. There are many medicinal properties found in this. Let’s discuss the importance of the Basil plant, the benefits of health benefits and side effects.

Benefits of Basil Plant-

According to Vastu Shastra, if anyone’s business is not doing well then the Tulsi plant should be kept in the southwest of the house and every Friday should provide raw milk in the Tulsi plant on Friday. By doing so, you can get benefits in business. While there are many religious reasons for placing Tulsi plants in the house, its considerable importance is also seen in scientific terms. It is believed that by eating basil leaves, the body’s blood is clean and the skin remains healthy. It is said that place where basil is grown in the house, mosquitoes and small insects do not come.

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Health benefits from basil-

Tulsi has a special significance in terms of religion, but it also has special significance in terms of medical terms. Basil is very helpful in keeping the body healthy and reducing the diseases.

Mix 10 basella juice of Tulsi with honey in the pain of fever and ribs caused by malaria, premature fever and cold and take three times a day.

Cold cough-
On the complaint of winter, take juice of Basil leaves, ginger juice and paan juice in equal quantity and add black pepper powder and honey to it three times a day. If there is a lot of cough, then this recipe can be consumed by adding black salt.

Stomach Bug-
According to age, 5 to 10 leaves of Tulsi should be mixed with jaggery. This stomach worms die or out of the waterways.

When the beard starts, take out the basil juice twice or thrice a day, its shing is completely cured.

Stomach pain-
After giving stomachache, add rock salt and drink lemon made of basil leaves immediately gain benefits. 10-15 leaves should also be inserted in the decoction. This decoction is also beneficial in asthma.

Snake bite-
If the snake is bitten, then the basil root should be grinded on the cut portion and the basil leaves should be fed more and more.

If someone is vomiting, then mixing basil juice with mint and fennel extracts will dissolve immediately after drinking it.

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Side effects of Basil leaf-

Basil is good for health, but it also has some side effects.

Dilute blood-
Basil has the ability to dilute blood. Although it is not harmful. But if you are consuming medicines to make blood, eat basil after consulting the doctor.
Reproductive capacity of men-
Eating basil has adverse effects on the reproductive capacity of men. This reduces the number of sperms and mobility.
During Pregnancy –
Tulsi contains an element known as estrogol, which can cause contraction in urontus. Therefore, dieting by taking basil during pregnancy should do.
Blood sugars-
Many studies have proven that basil can reduce blood sugar levels, so if you are taking medication to reduce blood sugars, basil can increase its effect and reduce blood sugar significantly. If you are taking diabetes medicines, then take Basil with the doctor’s advice.
Teeth stain-
Iron is found in basil. So chewing on it can cause your teeth to stain. So, instead of chewing, broil the basil leaves.

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