Be Young for Lifetime apply these Beauty tips Before Sleep

If you wake up to look beautiful, take a lot of time on cleaning the face and make-up, but do you know that even before some things are taken care of, then beautiful and young can be shown.

Remove Makeup-

Get rid of make-up in every situation before sleeping at night. If the makeup remains in the night, then the skin is bad. At the time of sleep, skin pores open, so make-up can go inside them, causing acne.


Brush at night. Teeth will remain shiny.

Apply Cream-

To keep hands beautiful, make sure to have hand cream before sleeping at night. Wash the hands with a soft soap before bedtime and apply cream, you will feel so beautiful in the morning that you will love them.

Pillow cover-

Keep in mind that the pillow cover can be of light clothing or else the skin of the face can weaken.

Bind the Hair-

Bind the hair to sleep because it contains many types of oil and dirt sticks. In this case, due to open hair, there is danger of acne on the face, as well as rubbing hair and breaking down.

Toner –

Clean the face with good face before sleeping for a glowing face, add toner and eye cream. The face will glow when you wake up in the morning.

Petroleum Gel

The best treatment for broken ankles is to wash the feet before sleeping and put the petroleum gel. This will fix the edges.

Good Sleep-

A good sleep is extremely important for beauty as well as good health.

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