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Dev Anand, who is the evergreen actor of Hindi cinema, is today the 95th birthday. His real name was Dharmadev Anand, but after joining Cinema, he became famous as Dev Anand. In his reel life, even though he has played a romantic role, he has knocked on the hearts of people, but in his real life one Hasina broke his heart. You might be wondering which girl who cheated up to Dev Anand? So let’s answer some of your such questions.

Why the court had banned the wearing of black coat of Dev Anand-

Whenever Dev Anand used to wear black coat, many joys were smart. Seeing them, the style of wearing black coats on white shirts was tremendous, but after this it happened that the ban was imposed on wearing black coats in public places.
It is said that whenever Dev Anand used to look in black clothes, the girls would go mad like this, that they were ready to do anything for them. How many girls had tried to look at their black-coated look, Suicide?
It is hardly an actor for which the craving has been seen to such an extent. The court had to intervene in this matter after seeing the fervor of such girls. Taking the whole matter seriously, the court had banned the wearing of black coat of Dev Anand.

Dev Anand Love Life and & Affairs-

Devanand and Suraiya-

In his autobiography ‘Romancing With Life’, Dev Anand also mentioned his love story. Devanand wrote that ‘During my work, my friendship with Suraiya was becoming deep. Slowly this friendship turned into love. ‘ ‘One day it did not happen as we did not talk to each other. If we were unable to talk face to face, then we used to talk to the phone for hours. Soon I realized that I have fallen in love with Suraiya. Suraiya was a Muslim while I was Hindu. ‘Dev Anand further writes that’ I did not get any comfort without seeing Suraiya. His family members had stopped burying us. ‘One day we got near a water tank. At that time Suraiya hugged me and said – I love you There was no second thought after that.

Dev Anand explains that ‘for Suraiya, I bought the engagement ring. I took the ring and reached Suraiya but they did not know what happened. They threw my ring in the sea. I never asked why he did this why. I came from there. As it has happened before, the love of the wall of the religion has not reached the end. “After this, Dev Anand and Suraiya did not make any film together nor did they meet again. Suraiya never married It is said that Suraiya did not forget about the love of Dev Anand and remained a virgin and spent the whole life.

Devanand and Jeenat Aman-

Devanand gave the best actress like Tina Munim and Jeetat Aman to Bollywood. In addition to films, Devanand has always been in the limelight due to his personal life. There were many such heroines that Devanand got the heart but his love story was never fulfilled. Another such love story was Devanand and Jeetat Aman. Devanand cast Zeenat Aman in the film ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’. In this film, Jeetat played the sister of Dev Anand. During the shooting, Devanand realized that he was sitting in love with Jeetat. All things in Jeetat liked Dev Saheb. Dev Saheb used to be happy to read the link between both of them in the media.

It was mentioned by Dev Saheb in his autobiography ‘Romancing with Life’. One day Devanand decided to propose Jainat. Dev Saheb thought that he would propose Jinnat to Hotel Taj. Dev and Jeanat used to go to dinner at this hotel. To propose Jeanat, Dev Saheb has kept a small party. In this party, Dev Saheb invited his close friends and Jeetat. But Dev Sahib saw that Raj Kapoor went to Jeetat in the state of intoxication and filled him in his arms. Jeet also embraced Raj Kapoor. God sir ignored it as a rumor. While mentioning this story in his book, Dev Saheb had said that after seeing all this he left the party. Again, he never thought of Jeetat. In this way, Dev Anand’s Love Story was The End Ho.

Dev Anand and Kalpana Kartik-

Actor Mona, who made her a partner with Dev Anand in just five films, was from a Punjabi Christian family. Born in 1980, Kalpana Kartik’s real name was Mona Singh. Mona did her studies from Shimla. On the face of Chetan Anand Ji, on Mona, he talked to Mona’s family and convinced him to come to Mumbai. After which Mona was signed for Baji’s lead role.

After this Kalpana worked with Dev Anand in Andhra, Taxi Driver, House No. 44 and Nine Two Eleven. During his film journey, Dev Anand and Kalpana had decided to marry each other. Dev Anand and Kalpana got married in a lunch break during the taxi driver’s shooting. Although Kalpana’s film career may have been short, she was successful in making her journey successful.

Dev Saheb and Usha Chopra-

In his autobiography ‘Romancing with Life’, Dev Saheb spoke openly about his affairs, he wrote that the girls behind them had been in school since the time of school. “I never pursued girls myself. Girls themselves were my addictions. ‘Dev Anand studied English Honors in the Government College of Lahore. “A girl with me read Usha Chopra. Her mother was Hindustani and Papa Englishman. He used to wear a sandal and high hill sandal on my front bench. I started loving her But due to hesitation, he could only speak hai. “” Though Dev Saheb also admitted that some girls broke their heart too.

Devanand and Florence-

Dev Saheb shared the story of the school while writing: “My father had done my Admission in the Co-ed school. The girls used to tease me there. There was a girl in Sawley, Florence following me. One day at the Municipal Garden he brought a flower of rose in front of me and did my lips. On the second day again he came after me and did my whole face. I remember the kiss of what and lipstick so far. “

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