Banana is a Great Fruit, Know the Amazing Use for Beauty and Health

Bananas are a nutritious and energy-bearing fruit and they are extremely beneficial for health. In today’s article, we will talk about the advantages of Banana’s beauty and healthy benefits.

Banana use for Beauty –

1-Dark circles –

To remove the dark circles under the eyes, peel the banana and massage the peel below the eyes, where the dark circles are covered, after a few minutes of massage, leave it for 5 minutes and you will get some benefits.

2-Blackhead and Dead Skin-

Mix rice flour or oats in one banana and make paste, then scrub on leg, hand and face, leave for 10-15 minutes, blackhead and dead skin will be removed.

3-Dry skin-

Mix banana and honey and make paste, then apply it to your skin, Wash after being dry, this is a very good moisturizer; it will soften and glowing your skin

4-Wrinkles –

If you have a wrinkles on the face then apply the banana on the face and wash after 10 minutes, it will tighten your skin and you will get rid of the wrinkles.

5-Black Elbows and knee-

If the knees of your feet and the skin of the elbows have turned black then to remove it, peel the banana and massage the place on the spot where the skin is black and after 10 minutes of massage after a while Skip and wash.

Banana use for Health –

1-Burnt with fire –

If you are burnt with fire, then immediately put an grind banana on it, it will give you relief in irritation and will also recover your skin….

2-Clean your teeth-

If you have yellowish skin in your teeth, you will rub the banana peel for 5 minutes on your teeth. You will see that you have cleaned your teeth once in a while, if it is not, then do it 2-4 times


If you have leucorrhoea problems, than eat 2 Banana Daily In a few days you will get rid of this problem.

4-Increase your weight-

If you are very weak and you want to increase your weight, then eat 2 bananas with 1/4 liters of milk per day and your weight will be increased by 1 month continuous use.

5-Blisters in the mouth-

If the blisters have come in your mouth then the cow’s milk curd, By eating with banana, mouth ulcers are cured quickly

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