Ayurvedic home remedies for dry skin

Dry skin, itching, skin rupture and stinginess. These dryness may come from many reasons, Some home remedies have been given below for these problems.

Dry skin is such a problem, whose victims are people of all age groups. Even young people in very young age are victims of dry skin. On this type of skin, only a scar from the nail becomes white stains on the face. It is also very painful to spend all life with this type of skin and it is very important to treat  it properly. If you leave the skin untreated for many days without treatment, then consequently there may be problems related to skin cracking and bleeding. People’s skin may be rigid due to lack of nutrients in the body.

Many people’s skin starts becoming rude with aging. With the help of some home remedies made from natural herbs and fruits, this problem can be relieved. If you are struggling with grief due to heredity then home remedies will be best for you.

Ayurveda has many solutions which are economical and chemical, which make to skin soft, supple and beautiful. Before knowing these, let us know the causes that make our skin stout.


Causes of dryness in skin-

  1.   Aging
  2.   Change in weather
  3.   Stress
  4.   Taking the UN-Balanced Diet

Home tips to cure dryness in skin-


Using oil on the skin properly helps in cleaning the skin. Take 3 spoon olive oil and 1 spoon castor oil and mix it well. Treat the skin smoothly, take it on your palm and apply it on all the face. Now take a cloth dipped in warm water and place it on the oiled face. Now wait for the warm clothes to be cold and wash the clothes and take oil out of the face. Repeat this process until your skin becomes soft soft.


The home remedies for dry skin, honey, not only pleases your taste, but also makes the skin shiny and beautiful. Take a pinch of honey and apply it on the whole face. Let it dry for some time on the skin and then wash your face.

Face pack-

Home remedies for dry skin, take one egg in a bowl and pour 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1 spoon of orange juice, a few drops of rose water and lemon juice. Mix them all together and put them on the whole face and throat. Put this mixture on the face 20 minutes before bathing.

Dark chocolate-

Dark chocolate has a variety of properties. Treatment of dry skin, it enhances your skin, makes it young, protects stains from scars and removes stretch marks. Mix 3 spoons cocoa powder with 2 spoons honey and 1 spoon of powdered pears. Put this chocolate pack on your face and throat and massage it well. Leave it on face for 20 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water.

Not use soap-

People whose skin is dry should not use soap-free soaps in large quantities. This increases the stiffness in the skin and it starts drying. Use to clean the skin-cleansing natural elements such as gram powder powder to provide moisture.


The king of fruits is also able to spell on dry skin. Take the pulp of ripe mango and mix enough sugar in it. Apply this pulp on your skin after getting it well. Leave it like this for 20 minutes and then see the difference in skin.


Treat dry skin, take 2 spoons of salt and put it on your face immediately after bathing. This makes it easy to remove dead skin.

Corn flour-

When you take a bath, add 3 spoons of corn flour in your bath water. It has immediate effect on dry and itchy skin.


Banana has many health related properties of skin. Make a ripe and mash it. Now apply this paste on the whole face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash the face with warm water for good results.

Cream of milk-

Caring for a dry skin, if you are worried about the dry skin, then it is important for you to remove the dead cells of the skin. The cream of milk is one of the things found in your kitchen, with the help of which very tasty dishes are cooked. Lactic acid present in milk cream helps exfoliate the skin and helps remove its dead cells. To make a skin pack from this product, add a few drops of lemon juice in a small bowl and mix 2 tablespoons of milk in it. Mix them well and apply them on your face and throat. After this leave it for 15 minutes and then go to a bath. Massage it on face for 2 minutes and remove it after feeling the heat on the face.

Coconut oil-

Fresh coconut is available in many cooks, as it can be made from many types of delicious food items by its milk, its milk and its other forms. You can use it by taking oil from natural coconut and also on your face and other parts of the skin. Because coconut milk has a fatty acid, with the help of it or massage of coconut oil, there is also a great amount of moisture on the skin layer. Once you complete your bath, you can use coconut oil on your whole body as well.

Vitamin E-

Vitamin E is very important for dry skin. Almond oil contains a considerable quantity of vitamin E, which acts as a means of providing moisture to the dry and unappealing skin. For this, take a little almond oil in one vessel and warm it so that it becomes lukewarm. Now put this lukewarm oil on your hands, feet and face and give yourself moisture. Apply it daily to get moisture.


The protein present in the egg is found more in its yellow part. Because your skin also needs some proteins for nutrition, so yellow part of the egg proves to be an excellent choice. Break a raw egg and remove the yellow part from it. Now mix honey and milk in the same amount. Mix them well and use them on the rough parts of your skin. Keep it for about 20 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water. If you do not have the smell of egg, use a gentle cleaner.


Important tips-
1-Intake of Vegetables
2-Herbal Tea only
3-Do Exercise

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