Apply these things on the Neck before Bathing , Get Rid of Blackness

People take many measures to brighten their face, but often forget to clean the dirt on their neck. Due to which the color of the neck starts to darken, which looks very dirty. If the color of your neck is also turning black, then you too can make your black neck clean by adopting these tips.

Raw papaya-

Cut raw papaya and grind it coarsely. Now make a paste by mixing rose water and a spoon of curd in this papaya pudding. Apply it on the neck and leave it to dry for some time. This remedy done once a week will benefit you.

Lemon and Honey-

Mix the lemon and honey together and apply this pack on the neck and leave it for a while. Clean the neck thoroughly while taking a bath. By doing this, along with the blackness of the neck, the problem of wrinkles will also go away.

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Baking soda-

Take two spoons of baking powder. Make a semi-liquid solution by adding water to it. Apply it on the neck and leave it for a while. The blackness of the neck will disappear with the use of a few days.


Due to the presence of vitamin C in lemon, it acts as a natural bleach. Rub the lemon on the throat with light hands before bathing. Using lemon two to three times a week is beneficial.

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