Apply these 8 tips to Stop Aging

Special care of skin is very important with advancing age, but due to the busy lifestyle, it is difficult to take care of the skin, in this article today we will give you some tips that you can hold back for your growing age, so follow these tips.

Use Moisturizer –

After 30 years there is a lot of need for skin tightening, because at this time the skin may face a problem like wrinkles, so use a moisturizer to tighten the skin and make sure that the moisturizer is of a good brand that contains vitamin-C and bio oil.

Take special care at night-

No matter how late you returned at night, but always sleep without removing makeup, do cleaning, toning and moisturizing before bed, do it twice a week, exfoliate the skin, use night cream.

Save face from dust-

Dust soil pollution takes away the beauty of the skin, so it is important to avoid this, whenever you go out, cover the face with a cotton scarf, apply sunscreen only in the sun and not in the house. Also survives.

Hydrate eyes-

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, so the aging appears first in the eyes, use eye cream, it keeps the eye fully moisturized and hydrated, not only during the day but also at night. Use of cream also relieves fatigue.

Must get facial-

Facials are very important part to maintain the beauty of the face. After 30, it is very important for women to get facial, because during facial, cleansing, massage, face mask are applied, which helps to improve blood circulation in the skin. And shine and shine on the face.

Take a healthy diet-

If you are chest that your face will remain beautiful, then take care of your diet, eat good food and eat only fruits and green vegetables as much as possible, drink as much water as possible, this increases the metabolic rate of the body and also keeps the skin hydrated. And there is no wrinkle and the skin always glows.

Do not ignore the body –

Most of the women do make-up on the face but ignore the rest of the body such as hands, pare neck etc. which are not perfect at all, so massage the body with olive oil daily, as well as do manicures and pedicures, besides the face If you use anti-aging cream, then apply it on the garden too.

Remove makeup at night-

Sleeping with makeup does not give the skin enough oxygen, so remove makeup before bedtime and use moisturizer, it will increase the natural beauty of the face and will also get rid of wrinkles air dark circles to a great extent.

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