Amazing Natural Beauty Treatment for Mens

The desire to look beautiful is not only in women but also in men. He also wants his skin to be healthy and beautiful. So let’s know the home remedies for healthy skin of men.

Do not have a problem of Sun Tan-

1-Make sure to have sunscreen on the face before leaving the home. Whereby UV rays can not damage facial skin.

2-Cover the face thoroughly while you go out.

3-Drink more quantity of water so that moisture in the body remains.

4-Avoid wearing half-sleeve shirts.

5-Put the curd and lemon juice together apply it before bathing curd is a great anti-tanning agent that is very good for skin

Get rid of Sun Tan-

1-Mix orange juice with Yogurt and apply it on the affected area by sun tanning. Hydrosal acid and vitamin C of orange are helpful in hurling sun tanning quickly, and Yogurt’s lactic acid is also very effective.

2-Wash the tanning part with light warm water and fresh coconut water, then let it dry, wash the face with cold water for about half an hour. Regularly do this in a few days the skin will become normal as before.

3-Mix honey and lemon juice in equal amounts and apply it on the face, it also removes tanning.

4-Nowadays, many products are available to remove tanning in the market, you can use them.


To maintain the beauty of the skin, it is necessary to clean the skin well. With the smartness, the skin is also fresh.

1-Use the cleanser according to the skin.

2-A good cleanser cleans up to the depth of the skin. This cleanses the dirt that is deposited in the pores, which does not cause blemish problem. Avoid using body soap. This makes the skin of the face more difficult, which can also cause the skin to become scaly. While taking a cleanser, take care to note that the cleaner is made of natural things, it is compatible with the skin, otherwise the skin can be damaged.

3-When cleaning sensitive skin, keep in mind that the method is absolutely natural. Dirt out of the skin, but there is no burning sensation in the skin. If there is a problem of acne on the skin, then clean it carefully too. For the sensitive skin, the cleanser should be such that keep salicylic acid and glycolic acid. With the problem of acne, the face can also be well cleaned.

Hair Treatment

1-Oil massage
Hair massage gets rich nutrition from oil. In addition, it also cures serious damage to the hair. It is good to massage your head twice a week with almonds, olive or coconut oil for hair care.

2- Yogurt and black pepper
This remedy is very effective in removing the layers of Russian from Scalp. To do this, mix the mixture of 2 teaspoons of black pepper powder with three spoons of Yogurt and mix it. Mix this mixture well, rubbing it on the scalp. After washing an hour, wash with shampoo lightly.

3-Aloe Vera-
Massage your scalp from the men who want to make hair strong and glossy with Elovera gels. Massage from the olive gel twice in the hair twice a week helps in the problem of hair loss, stupidity and infected scalp.

Protein treatment is very important for hair care. If you want a thick and strong hair, then prepare protein treatment for your hair three to four times a week. Apply a good egg to the protein in the hair and apply it in your wet hair. And after 15 minutes wash your hair with lukewarm water.

Avoid cheap Razer

Shaving from someone else’s razor can also be harmful to you. Some people pick up a cheaper razor saying that only shaving is to be done, what difference does it make? If you do this, then change your habit, because the razor of cheap and poor quality can damage your skin. Buy expensive, but good razors. Also, do not forget to apply moisturizing shaving cream after shaving. It hydrate and softens the skin. Yes, keep in mind that these creams are free of alcohol because the skin gets dry from alcohol.

Lip balm in lips

It is not that lip balm is made for girls only. The lips of the lips are very soft. It is possible that your lips also get torn apart. Therefore, it is better to take a lip balm or home remedies such as taking milk lip or coconut oil / olive oil on the lips before sleeping in the front of others. This will make the lips soft and the next day you will not have to go to the office by putting lip balm.

Use this special tips to look for a presentable-


1. Brush well in the morning. Brushing in a brush does not clear the teeth and they start to look yellow. You may also have to be embarrassed in front of people with bad breath.

2. Many men do not accuse women of haircut. Simply put the hair around here with hands. Do not do this, leave the house right after setting the hair properly like a gentleman.

3. Enlarged and filthy nails can have a wrong impression on others, so cut the nails regularly.

4. Shaving the habit of shaving or shaving just one day in the week can spoil your face.

5. Sticky hand-footed and torn edges can embarrass you, so take care of the hands and feet skin.

6. Do not make the mistake of wearing clothes that you went to office today, wear it tomorrow. Even if she looks clean, her smell can spoil your impression in the office.

7. Do not forget to apply moisturizing cream, regardless of weather. Especially in the cold weather. Rustic and stretched skin in the cold can spoil your look.

8. Wear full sleeve clothes in summer days. For a long time, skin remains black in the sun.

9. Do not forget to put perfume before leaving the house to remove sweat odor. Change Socks Every Day | Socks become odor after sweating in the legs.

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