Amazing beauty tips with Ice cubes

Your skin is very useful for instant gloss and flawless appearance. Ice cubes can help you to correct your makeup properly and also help you get a long lasting look. Ice cubes can be friends of all your time and can be useful not only for the summer season, but also suitable for the rest of the season. Let’s explore the amazing ways of using ice cube on your face for natural beauty and skin.

Removes puffiness  & Dark Circle of the eyes:

There are many people who spend 10-12 hours a day in front of the laptop and TV set. By the way, there is no problem for skin, but there is a eyes problem like pain, puffiness and dark circles. If there is such a problem, wrap some ice cubes in a soft cloth and apply it under the eyes. Cubes of ice will calm your eyes, and get rid of pain, puffiness and dark circles.

Redness or swelling of the skin:

Sometimes using more makeup products makes the skin allergic. Ice cubes can help you get rid of redness or swelling on your skin. It will also keep your skin calm.

“While applying the ice, always keep in mind that your skin should not be exposed to ice directly. If this happens then the skin may be red with too much cold. Wrap the ice in a soft cloth One more thing, if you have to go for a long time and you want your makeup to last longer, apply ice before making make-up”

Healthy glow:

Applying ice on the face increases the blood circulation, causing the face to shine. At the same time, it is helpful in reducing wrinkle and increasing age traces. If you want a better result, then add the fruit juice to the ice cube tray and collect it and then apply it on the face.


In summer, the weather is very hot, because whenever we get out of work or office, our skin has tanned or prone to sunburns, run some ice cubes over your affected skin as soon as you reach home.which will bring back glow in your skin.


To reduce the facial fat: –

One piece of ice can help you greatly reduce the fat in your face. An ice cube has the ability to control the fat of your face. For 2-4 weeks wash your face with the water of the cube of ice, the fat of your face will be reduced.


“If there is an injury, ice is used. to stop bleeding.”


Closes big pores:

If you are upset with large placers, then your problem can be resolved in 30 days with a piece of ice. Wrap the piece of ice into cotton clothes and massage it for thirty days, it will be fine.

To remove acne & pimples

As soon as there is a red mark on the face, it can apply ice to it. If you want a better result then you can boil the leaves of neem or mint, and add that water into ice cube tray. This acne will not increase and the face will also become clear. It will be removed very soon.


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