Benefits and Side Effect of Cardamom

Cardamom is a very small thing found in every house. It is easily found in many homes. The day of every leukemia starts with cardamom. When we get the taste of cardamom in the morning tea, then the taste becomes two times. Cardamom is not a shortage of properties, it consumes digestion, it reduces the odor of the mouth, reduces anemia also. Many nutrients are found in cardamom. Such as iron, vitamins, calcium, potassium, niacin, magnesium etc. There is 311 calories (cal) of cardamom per 100 grams (100).

Cardamom is of two types-

  • Black cardamom
  • Small cardamom

    Benefits of cardamom-

  1. Stop hiccup
    We are always hesitant at any time and we begin to get disturbed by taking hiccups, sometimes we drink water and sometimes some other remedy, but at that time we put a cardamom in the mouth and then chewing it slowly Hiccup will completely stop.
  2. Blood pressure control-
    Small cardamom contains fiber and potassium, which controls blood pressure. The blood pressure patient should eat a cardamom after eating it, which keeps them in the blood pressure control.
  3. To increase sex potential-
    For this, we have to take a glass of milk, two cardamom and two teaspoons of honey. For this, boil it by adding cardamom to the milk, when it boils well, then mix honey with it everyday and drink it at night while sleeping. This is a very effective solution.
  4. The poisonous substances emerged-
    We do our external cleansing of our body, but we do not even think about the cleaning inside, as far as external cleanliness is necessary, attention to this much more internal cleanliness than that. We keep eating all day and garbage in the stomach, so to save our body from that mess we have to eat a cardamom daily, which will be eaten out of all the toxic substances of kidneys.
  5. Strengthen  digestive system-
    Cardamom contains such natural ingredients that help in digesting food, reducing inflammation inside the gas and abdomen. Due to gas, it reduces stomach and throat irritation.
  6. Remove Cold & Cough-
    When the throat is very painful due to cold and sore throat, the easiest way to correct it is cardamom. Cardamom heat is hot, which consumes heat and helps in cold cough, it also removes the difficulty of the cough. At the time of empty stomach in the morning and at night, after eating 1 (one) or 2 (two) of cardamom, eat it and then drink lukewarm water, it will provide great relief to the throat.
  7. Strengthen  brains-
    By eating cardamom, the brain is even faster. Mix two to three cardamom seeds, three almonds, two to three pistachios, two to three spoons of milk, and grind them all, mix it with a glass of milk, heat it until it thickens, when it remains half, Mix and eat This mixture is very effective for strengthening the mind, enhancing eyesight, and enhancing memory. For children, this is a kind of sanjivani. It should be given to children to sleep while sleeping at night.
  8. Keeps the heart healthy –
    Cardamom contains many minerals that protect our heart. Pulse rate is correct by eating cardamom, and blood circulation also occurs smoothly in the body.
  9. Stop vomiting –
    Feeling like vomiting, dizziness, the taste of the mouth is bad, if it happens, it is better to chew the cardamom, and the vomit is closed.
  10. Remove the stench of mouth-
    Whenever someone smells from the mouth, the biggest cause of this is stomach disorder, when the stomach absence is not good then the mouth starts to smell, and we all know that eating the cardamom can remove the stench of the mouth , And stomach’s digestion is fine. Due to the antibacterial being present in it, the stench of the mouth ends. We do not have to do anything for this. It is just a cardamom everyday. It is a morning cup of cardamom in the empty stomach, that is to drink cardamom in a cup of water and it will be fine.
  11. Remove Stress –
    If you have trouble with something, or if you are worried or lonely about something, then continuously this happens, you become victim of Depression. By chewing cardamom or by drinking cardamom tea, the hormones change immediately and tension is eliminated. Cardamom helps in relieving stress.

Side Effects of cardamom-

  1. Allergies-
    Eating cardamom in excess quantity starts to become allergic to the body. Such as itching in the body, red spots, skin rays. Occasionally eating cardamom increases people’s respiration, breathing in the chest and throat. Jee seems to be tempting.
  2. Calculus-
    The stone patient should avoid cardamom, when the small grains of cardamom are assembled in one place, then it can also be the cause of the Gold blood stone, according to a research, when we chew cardamom in a lot of quantity Stored at one place and it takes the form of a stone.
  3. Reaction-
    Occasionally when we take any medication and start chewing cardamom with it, there is a lot of reaction, and increases in addition to decreasing the problem and there is no effect of medication. If you are taking any medication then you should leave the habit of eating cardamom.

“Do not be scared to read the loss of cardamom, because it does not happen, its chances are very low, not equal. We do not have to make it a habit because when we get used to anything, it is eaten too much, eat it in a limited amount and then see that it is more beneficial than loss.”

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