Advantages and disadvantages of camphor

Hinduism is a tradition of doing aarti by burning camphor after worship and arti. Camphor has special significance in religious functions such as Pujan, Aarti. The Camphor used in Pooja is also very beneficial for our health. Come, know the benefits of Camphor.

Advantages of camphor-

Bacterial killer:

Scientific research has proven that the fragrance of Camphor creates diseases that cause bacteria, viruses, etc., causing the environment to become clean and diseases do not spread.

Beneficial in skin related diseases:

Camphor is very beneficial in treating skin related diseases. Applying copper and sulfur powder in coconut oil, it is beneficial to apply it in herpes, itch, itching place. Kapoor’s oil is advised to apply even on acne
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Treatment of broken heel:

Camphor is very useful in fixing torn ankles. Take hot water in the tub for this and add camphor and add the leg to sit for 10-15. Doing this, the edges are fine.

Effective in winter cold:

Keeping the camphor’s pillow wrapped in a rump, it provides relief from cold and cold.

Beneficial in the pain of headache and joints:

Camphor and sandalwood rubbed in basil juice, making a paste, putting on the head gives relief in the headache. Also mix camphor with lemon juice and rub it on the head. This is a sure remedy for headache. Massage the place with camphor oil on joint pain or waist pain. Will get instant relief. You can massage this oil with pain in any part of the body. Kapoor is beneficial for arthritis patients. When there is a pain in the muscles, it gets instant relief after applying it.

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Make hair healthy and strong:

Put camphor in coconut oil. Massage this hair with hair in the roots of hair. The hair is healthy and strong. Mixing camphor in mustard oil on the hair, if there is a problem of dandruff, yolk, hair fall etc. Apply it on the hair. This will be a great advantage. Also add 400 gram camphor in a hundred grams of coconut oil and put it in the bottle. Massage this oil by putting it in the hair before sleeping in the night. Within a few days the Russian will disappear.


Press and hold the asafoetida powder and toothpaste powder with equal amounts of toothache and pyrea and between teeth. Pain will get immediate relief from pain. By putting desi camphon in the pan, chewing three or four times a day removes the complaint of the pyrea. If there is any problem in the gums, mixing camphor with castor oil gives a lot of benefit on the gums.

Burning marks are removed:

Mixing a little bit of camphor in the water due to burning or injury due to injury, the marks are eroded by applying regularly for some days at the affected place.

Assistant in good sleep:

Mixing camphor in desi ghee and sleeping at night while sleeping on the soles of the feet gives good sleep.

The blisters are removed:

Grind the sugar candy in a fine paste and add a little camphor powder to it on the bark. This recipe is extremely beneficial for the mouth ulcers of the children.

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Get rid of insects:

While wearing woolen or silk clothes, put a camel in a small bamboo and keep it in the middle of the cloth. This will not lead to insects. Till the pillow and bedding around the cushions of the camphor are not tied to the knot.

Disadvantages of camphor-

Camphor is properties are very beneficial for skin, hair and overall health, but it can be beneficial for us only when we use it in a limited amount. If we use it in much quantity, then we may have some problems as a result, such as decrease in body temperature and vomiting etc. Camphor products should be kept away from children, because excessive consumption can cause children to travel. Typically, signs of taking in excess amounts are immediately visible. Consumption of camphor may cause irritation in the eyes, skin and mucous membranes. It may also cause diarrhea, nausea, headache and even shock.

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