Add this Natural ingredients in your Shampoo and get healthy hair

There is some such natural thing that you can make your hair beautiful by mixing it in your shampoo, no one who does not want beautiful hair, but the use of natural things is very tiring work. This is the only reason why everybody uses natural things. I do not want to, but I will tell you very easy tips that you can use in your shampoo and make it very easy.
So that your hair gets ‘extra’ nutrition. Here I will tell you about some natural ingredients that you can strengthen your hair together in your regular shampoo, can reduce hair loss, make hair even longer and shiny.

Lemon juice-

An antibacterial element is found in the lemon, therefore, by applying lemon juice in the shampoo, washing hair can be used to remove the problem of any scalp and also make tremendous shining and healthy
And it will absorb excess oil and in addition to chemical treatment, the sebaceous glands will not adversely. Dandruff and oil scalp hair is likely to thinness and breakdown. Regular use of lemon juice in shampoo so that your hair grows in a healthy way.


By applying 8 to 10 drops of glycerin in shampoo, your hair silk will be resolved and managable and also can be avoided with the help of scalp.


Amla oil is known to remove unwanted flakes from the skull. It also helps open the holes, which gives space for the scalp to produce natural oils. Adding water of amla in the regular shampoo, washing the hair becomes black, strong, shiny and shiny.

Rose water-

Rose water has been said to stabilize the pH balance of your hair as it is close to the hair and can help to repair damaged holes in the hair.
If you are disturbed by the confusion of hair and the dusk, then for this regular washing your hair with two to three teaspoons of rose water in your shampoo can be rid of this problem and your hair will also become beautiful and healthy.

Essential oil-

Combining some drops of essential oil in the shampoo used for washing hair, washing hair can be avoided by any kind of hair problem because it gives good skin to the head’s skin, as well as its use. The problem with hair is also removed from the hair.
This will stimulate the hair, resulting in hair becoming stronger and stronger.

Aloe Vera-

Aloe Vera is used in gel beauty products, it is used in 1 teaspoon aloevira gel shampoo, and can be used to remove the problem of dandruff by applying it in the hair and it is also necessary for hair growth. It is widely known for its amazing ability to moisturize and keep balanced; Aloe Vera is one of the most versatile plants that you can use in any way without worrying about any side effects.


Honey contains antibacterial and antifungal, so washing of honey can help in treating bacterial issues on the scalp. Mixing honey in the shampoo removes the problem of scalp from your hair after washing hair, and with its regular use the hair starts to become natural. This makes your head healthy, killing bacteria, restoring moisture to hair, reducing dandruff. Since honey is less effective, it also improves the health of hair follicles, which are responsible for the development of hair.

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