A lemon Beauty tip

Your metabolism remains healthy by drinking empty lemon juice with water and honey every morning after eating empty stomach. This recipe would have been told by everyone, but did you know that these small lemons can make your skin unblemished, soft and lighten your color?

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Lemon and honey-

By mixing lemon and honey, you can make a golden colorful magical solution, which gives your skin velvety and bright color.

Lemon, sugar and coconut oil-

By combining lemon, sugar and coconut oil or olive oil, you can prepare a great expolient that will make your skin unblemished and soft. Using this exponent twice a week, you can get a bright color.

Lemon, curd, honey-

Prepare a 1-tbsp curd, 1 table spoon honey, 1 teaspoon lime moisturizing and a brightly colored face pack. Curd and honey moisturize the skin and make it soft. On the lemon skin works like a bleaching agent. After 10-15 minutes wash the face with lightly crushed water.

Lemon and almond oil-

If you want to use lemon to remove dark circles, then dilute the lemon with oil and you can use it on dark circles and dark spots. Mix 1 tablespoon almond oil in 1 tbsp of lemon and put it on the dark circles and dark spots.. After 10 minutes wash it with clean water. Regular use of it, you will see the difference in just a few weeks.

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Lemon papaya, aloe vera-

You can prepare a face pack by mixing lemons with ingredients in which the skin color like papaya, aloe Vera, cucumber can be lighted. By which you can make your color uniform and light.

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