Nutmeg is Beneficial for Many Diseases

Nutmeg is a special remedy for winter due to hot Nature, nutmeg is used as a spice in India and as an medicine in Ayurveda,
Nutmeg is beneficial in many diseases. According to Ayurveda, nutmeg strengthens the body’s immunity due to its anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, nutmeg taken in a certain amount in winter, severe colds, shortness of breath, vata-phlegm disorder. It is very beneficial, by rubbing nutmeg in the chest of children, in winter, it gets relief from shortness of breath, and massaging with nutmeg oil Immunity capabilities grow.

Maintain digestive power-

Use of nutmeg in disorders related to digestion, such as gas, indigestion, afara, is very beneficial with ginger, nutmeg activates digestive enzymes present in the stomach, makes the digestive system strong.

Remove skin disorders and wrinkles –

In skin disorders also, with anti-aging effect, a paste of nutmeg can make the skin radiant with zucchini to remove wrinkles etc.

Back pain will go away-

Mothers who give birth to a newborn child are often troubled by back pain, nutmeg is beneficial for them, nowadays, complete sleep is very necessary in the runaway life.

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Beneficial in insomnia and headache –

Use of nutmeg is also helpful in bringing about sleep and its use also works for headache and dark circles under eyes.

Skin dryness is removed –

There is a demand for beauty products of nutmeg-containing oils and soaps, the use of these ends the dryness of the skin.

Different experiments –

Nutmeg is an integral spice in the cuisine of the food-savvy people, whose flavor makes food delicious, nutmeg is also used in hot spices. Nutmeg in the standing spices imparts a toxic aroma.

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