7 Tips to Stay Healthy in Winter

In winter, a lot of health is to be taken care of. Due to low temperature, physical activity is also slowed down. But by taking some simple measures, we can keep ourselves warm and healthy. Let’s keep such things in mind.

Drink caffeinated drinks-

Warm tea or coffee in the winter makes us feel warm for a while. But caffeine present in it reduces the body’s heat. Therefore it is better to eat caffeinated or herbal drinks instead. They have natural properties to keep warm.

Exercise inside the quilt-

You can keep yourself warm even when you come out by performing some minor exercises before leaving the bed. For this, lower your fingers to 20 times. Then rotate the ankles of the legs in both directions. This will increase blood flow and you will feel warm.

Have plenty of sunshine-

Winter sunlight is pleasant and this gives us plenty of vitamin D. Sun-dried skin gets energetic food. Do not forget to take full rejoicing of the rays of sun rising in the morning in winter. With this, where the mind is relaxed, the body gets natural energy.

Wear winter clothes-

At the beginning of winter, sometimes the winter is less then more. So do not care about wearing clothes. Do not avoid warm clothes even when the winter is low. The cold outbreak is first of all on the head, hands and feet, so cover the body.

Have a balanced diet-

By taking some precautions, you can definitely make the winter comfortable. Take a balanced diet to improve the immune system. Take special care of cleaning the hands, it protects against cold. You can feel warm even by consuming milk with Chyavanprash etc.

Do not keep hands in pocket-

When we feel cold, we often put hand in our pocket and start walking, while the muscles work out while leaving the arm open. This increases blood flow to the body, which helps the body to produce heat.

Eat plenty of proteins-

The temperature of the body increases when the digestion of the protein is digested. To digest it, the body has to work so hard, because of which you need more energy. It produces heat and heat that keeps us warm. For this, you should consume milk and vegetables regularly.

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