8 tips to Remove the Problem of Dark Circles

Dark Circles is the problem of most people today. One of the main reasons for this is stress. People are not able to sleep properly due to excessive pressure and stress of work, due to which the eyes of the people fall below the dark circles. There may be other reasons for having dark circles. These dark circles engage in your beauty. There are many beauty products available in the markets nowadays to remove these dark circles ie dark circles. But we are telling you some tips that you can get rid of the dark circles without having to follow without following them.

Why are the dark circles under the eyes –

Nowadays, the elderly to the child are so busy that they can not pay attention to their daily routine and due to not having the right living and proper diet, our body does not get proper nutrition. Apart from this, full sleep is not often available. Because of which women have to face such a dark circle. Mainly due to the following reasons, the eyes become dark circles.
Age effect
More use of computer or mobile
Eating habits
Not enough sleep
Fatigue Iron deficiency
Hormonal imbalances

Home Remedy-

1. Potato juice –

Potato juice works like magic on dark circles. To get rid of dark circles, soak potato juice in cotton balls. After this, close your eyes and keep it on your eyes for at least 10 minutes. After this, wash the eyes with fresh water.

2. Tea bags –

You can also get rid of the dark circles problem by using a T-bag. Soak the green tea bag in water and keep it in the fridge. When cool, keep the T-Bag close on your eyes and close your eyes. By doing this daily, you will get relief from the dark circles of eyes.

3. Orange juice-

Mix some drops in orange juice with glycerin on dark circles. With this dark circles coming away, the skin will also shine.

4. Cucumber-

Most people have used cucumbers to relieve the problem of dark circles. Cut the cucumber into round shape and remove it in the fridge for 30 minutes to remove dark circles. After this, place the cucumber pieces on the eyes for 10 minutes. The problem of dark circles will end soon.

5- Almond oil:

It contains vitamin E which helps reduce the dark circles of eyes. Almond oil is better for delicate skin of eyes. It should be used at night before sleeping. Let it stay all night. Wash your face with water in the morning.

6- Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is a good moisturizer for delicate skin. Before sleeping, take coconut oil in your hands and lightly lower your eyes. So do this for at least one week. You yourself will see its effect.

7- Lemon:

The amount of vitamin C in the lemon is present, to use it, remove the fresh lemon juice. Then, with the help of cotton, put the eyes down. After 10 minutes, cleanse your face with water. By regularizing your dark circles will end.

8. Tomatoes –

Tomatoes are also very beneficial for getting rid of the problem of dark circles. Tomato removes the natural dark circles and softens the skin. For this, a few drops of lemon juice mixed in a spoon tomato juice, put it on the dark circles under the eyes. Wash the face after 10 minutes. Do this at least twice a day.

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