8 things to keep in mind while washing clothes in washing machine

Washing machine general guidelines on use Nowadays it is a common thing to have machines in homes. Generally, there are semi automatic and fully automatic machines in homes. In a semiautomatic machine, water has to be filled and the work like filling water, putting clothes in the dryer from washer has to be done manually, whereas fully automatic machine does all the work itself but since both are there, the machines are the same while washing clothes in both. It is very important to keep some things in mind.

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  • Some people have a belief that adding more amount of detergent will clean the clothes better, whereas on the contrary, the detergent added in large quantity does not get completely out of the clothes and sticks to the clothes itself. Whatever be the clothes, but only half a teaspoon of detergent is enough for a bucket of clothes.
  • Don’t forget to machine wash the clothes on which only dryclean is written. Apart from this, even more expensive fabrics like linen, leather, silk, chiffon, instead of washing them in the machine, handwash and spin dry only, this will retain their shine and color.
  • Put zipped clothes with other clothes only by closing the zip, otherwise their zip can damage other clothes.

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  • Often we put the clothes in the machine without opening the buttons and hooks, this stretches the clothes and with the breaking of the button, many times the cloth gets torn from the button place, so put the clothes in the machine only after opening the button.
  • Lace, embroidery and heavy work clothes should also be washed and dried by hand instead of washing them in the machine, it keeps their life better.
  • Wash all the socks together or put all the socks in a small cloth bag and put them with other clothes, this will keep them together and their elastic etc. will not stretch.

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  • Before washing the clothes, divide the category wise, for example, by separating the colored, white and also wash the light and dark colored clothes separately. Wash Pants, Shirts, Bed Sheets, Kurtas, Denim Jeans and Hosiery clothes by separating them from others according to their category.
  • Avoid putting shoes, slippers and doormats in the machine, otherwise the dirt from them can get trapped inside the machine and cause obstruction in the discharge of water.
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