8 life habits can lose weight fast

Obesity is the root of many diseases, and most of the people do not pay attention to it

8 life habits can lose weight fast, Obesity is the root of many diseases, and most of the people do not pay attention to it. When the problem starts becoming more, then people try different things to lose weight, it is a long process which requires a lot of patience. These 8 habits work to reduce weight fast. Let’s know about daily routine to lose weight fast..

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What are those 8 habits?

1. High Protein Breakfast-

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a high protein breakfast does not make you feel hungry till lunch. According to a study, eating a high protein breakfast reduces the urge to eat more frequently than a normal protein breakfast. High protein reduces the amount of ghrelin hormone. This hormone is also called ‘Hunger Hormone’. Protein works to reduce this hormone. For this, include eggs, yogurt, cheese, nuts and chia seeds in your breakfast.

2. Plenty of water-

Start the morning with one or two glasses of water, it helps in reducing weight. Water increases energy in the body and helps in burning calories for 60 minutes. According to a study, 500 ml of water increases the metabolic rate by 30%. By drinking more water, there is no need to make much changes in the diet. Starting the day with water not only keeps the body hydrated but also reduces weight rapidly. It doesn’t even cause hunger.

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3. Measure weight-

Measuring your weight every morning can prove to be very effective in weight loss. This inculcates the habit of self control. In one study, 47 people who measured their weight every day found their weight reduced by 6 kg within 6 months, whereas this was not the case with those who measured occasionally. Measuring weight every morning inculcates good habits which help in weight loss. For best results, you should measure the weight immediately after waking up in the morning.

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4. Sit in the sun light-

Sitting in the sun for a while in the morning helps in weight loss. Vitamin D from sunlight is beneficial for health. According to studies, Vitamin D prevents weight loss as well as it increases. In one study, 218 overweight women took a vitamin D supplement for about a year. In the study, the weight of these women was found to be up to 3 kg less than those who did not take vitamin D. Sitting in the sun every morning for 10-15 is beneficial in reducing weight.

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5. Do the exercise-

Exercising in the morning leads to quick weight loss. Exercising early in the morning keeps blood sugar under control and due to this, there is no hunger early. Apart from this, exercising in the morning gives a feeling of satisfaction. If you are trying to lose weight, then make a habit of exercising every morning after getting up.

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6. Pay attention to lunch-

Try to make lunch ahead of time. With this, proper attention can be paid to what you are eating, which helps in weight loss plan. According to the study, meal planning is related to good diet quality. It is effective in reducing obesity. Homemade food improves diet and reduces body fat. Plan the day’s meal a night in advance so that when you wake up in the morning, you just have to focus on eating lunch.

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7. Have a good sleep-

Sleeping early at night helps in weight loss. There is a close relationship between sleep and hunger. People who stay awake till late at night usually keep on eating something or the other. By eating high carb and calorie food at night, obesity increases rapidly. Do not eat calorie-rich food immediately before bedtime. According to the study, people who wake up early in the morning, have a good breakfast, exercise and keep their routine good. All these things are effective in reducing weight.

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8. Pay attention to the means of commuting-

The easiest way to go to work is by some means but it is not right for your waist size. According to research, walking, cycling or using public transport helps in rapid weight loss. According to the study, people who use the car for commuting everywhere, their weight is often increased. Using a bicycle or public transport even for a few days a week can help in weight loss.

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