8 Household tips will give relief in teeth pain

Toothache is a common problem, but sometimes its pain becomes unbearable. Toothache often causes swelling on the face and pain starts in the head as well. Usually, toothache occurs due to eating hot or cold food, not keeping teeth clean, calcium deficiency, bacterial infection or weakening of the roots of teeth. Wisdom Tooth also causes severe pain in the teeth during exudation. Most people take pen killers or antibiotics in case of severe toothache, but some home remedies can also relieve toothache. Let’s know about them.

Guava leaves-

Guava leaves are also very beneficial along with guava. They have anti-bacterial properties. Chewing fresh leaves of guava in toothache provides relief from pain. Apart from this, cool these leaves by boiling them in water and add salt to it and rinse with it. This method also gives relief in toothache.

Clove will give comfort-

The use of cloves in toothache is considered very effective. Pressing the clove under the tooth relieves pain. Clove oil is also beneficial in toothache.

Relaxation with turmeric-

Turmeric is considered a natural antibiotic. Make a paste of turmeric, salt and mustard oil. Apply this paste on the tooth which is painful. This paste of turmeric acts as a medicine in toothache.

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Asafoetida is beneficial-

Asafetida is used for taste and aroma in food, but it is also beneficial in many home remedies. If you have a toothache, mix a pinch of asafetida with lemon juice and apply it on the teeth with cotton. This will ease the pain.

Chew raw onion-

Onion has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties. It destroys mouth bacteria. Chew a piece of onion slowly with the tooth that is hurting, you will get relief.

Apply baking soda-

Baking soda also has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. Put baking soda in lukewarm water and rinse with it. It reduces toothache. Apart from this, you can also apply a little bit of baking soda in wet cotton and apply it on the sore teeth.

Black pepper-

Black pepper gives instant relief in toothache caused due to overheating or cold food. For this, mix equal amount of pepper powder and salt. Now make a paste by adding a few drops of water to it. Apply this paste on the painful area and leave it for a while. This helps to cure toothache quickly.

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