Women can stay Fit with these 8 Fitness Rules

Women are very careless about themselves in their busiest routine. If you only
If you add these 8 things to your habit then you will be automatically fit. Its
The extra you will not need to do anything else. Let’s know they have 8 habits, which
Every woman has enough to keep fit at any age-

8 Health & Fitness Rules-

1. If you are dieting then do eat, but eat healthy food, do not be too hungry.

2. When you keep yourself hydrated then your skin will keep shaking. Regularly drink lemonade, coconut water and other different types of juices.

3. Every woman should drink a glass of milk daily.

4. Start the morning with a healthy breakfast.

5. Exactly for a little while, but exercise daily, even if it is not only 15-20 minutes, but exercise definitely.

6. Have 2 full checks in every 6 months i.e. every 6 months interval.

7. Do not worry too much about the things of the Fijul.

8. Do not decrease your sleep, get plenty of sleep.

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