8 Best Home Remedies for Get Rid of Loose Motion

There is a problem related to stomach due to changing weather, changing lifestyle and bad food. Infections in the stomach for several reasons All these things cause loose motion, warming and weakness in the body. Loose motion is the common problem of diarrhea and also weakens the person with it.

Here, you are being given such home remedies that will get rid of the problem of loose motions.

Raw papaya –

It is a great treatment in loose motion. Rinse raw papaya and add three cups of water to it and heat it for 10 minutes. Now filter the water and drink it. This will benefit greatly.


Drink juice 3 times in a day will bring lot of relief in loose motions. If you do not want to drink juice, pomegranate seeds can also be eaten, it will also benefit.


Antibacterial and antifungal properties are found in fenugreekas. One quarter spoon fenugreek Powder with cold water. This will leave the stomach upset and get rid of the problem of diarrhea or loose motion will go. This powder should take empty stomach for two to three days. Get relief very quickly.

Cumin –

If you are having frequent diarrhea, chew a spoonful of cumin seeds. Generally, these spices found in all households are beneficial in diarrhea. Due to the drinking of cumin seeds, stools stop quickly after drinking water.


If you have been troubled by the frequent motion, then using bananas will give you relief. Pectin contained in it works to bind the stomach. High amount of potassium contained in it is also beneficial for the body.


Honey also acts as a drug in this problem. Whenever there is a problem of loose motions throughout the day, Eat at least two to three spoons of pure honey. One spoonful of honey, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, Due to the addition of powder, there is relief from diarrhea.

Mustard seeds-

Mustard seeds have antibacterial properties, hence diarrhea, diarrhea and loose motions. In the problem, it is considered a panacea. One fourth spoon of mustard seeds in one cup of water, Soak for one hour. After one hour, filter this water and drink it. This recipe is two to a day, Repeat three times. It gets relief very quickly.


Anti-inflammatory properties are found in lemon juice. This makes the stomach easily clean. this is a very ancient recipe to relieve the problem of diarrhea. One spoon in a lemon juice after adding the salt and some sugar, mix it well and drink it. By making this solution every one hour drink plenty of comfort in loose motions by drinking. With the adoption of this recipe, lightly eat food. This will get you rid of this problem quickly.

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