These 7 Work should not be done immediately after Eating

Nutrition process is not complete until the food is properly digested and its nutrients do not obscure the body. In such a situation, after eating food, no one should do any such work, instead of receiving nutrition, it will have to reverse.

Here we are telling you 7 things that can be dangerous after eating. If you do something like this, then leave it for good health now.

Avoid tea –

Tea leaves have high acidity. This affects the digestion of proteins and they are not easily digested. In such a situation, one should try to drink tea after one to two hours of food.

Do not eat fruits immediately after eating –

if you eat fruits with food then fruits sticks in the stomach and can not reach intestine properly. In such a way, the nutrition they receive from them remains incomplete. On the basis of which it is said that the fruit should be eaten after one hour after eating or it can be eaten a few hours before eating. It is best to eat empty stomach food in the morning.

Do not loose your belt –

often we see the food of choice, but we loose our belt. It clearly means that you are eating too much. Overcoming is not a good thing in any way. So try to eat as much as you are hungry or else it can also become a cause of dyspepsia.

Do not take bath immediately –

bath is a physical action. During this time, hands and feet are in active condition, so that the blood flow of these organs increases significantly. Increasing blood flow in these organs affects the blood circulation in the stomach and the digestive system is affected.

Do not go for a walk immediately

walking after eating is a good habit, but walking immediately after eating affects the digestive system. The energy of our body is burned in a walk, while energy is required for digestion within the body. In such a way, it may be a good thing to go for a while after eating but after going for a walk with eating, you can reverse the effect.

Do not sleep immediately

it takes some time to digest food. In such a situation, it should be tried that no sleep immediately after eating. This increases the risk of infection in gas and intestines.

Do not drink cigarettes –

Drinking cigarettes is a bad addiction in itself, due to which many types of heart and respiratory diseases go home. But experts say it can be ten times dangerous to smoke after eating properly. A cigarette that has been eaten after eating usually causes a similar loss to 10 cigarettes that are poured out. It also increases the risk of cancer.

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