7 tips that Keep You Cool in summer- Home Remedies For Summer

Problems like diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration are more in the summer season. There is also fatigue several times due to excessive sweating. The weakness starts to feel like this. To avoid these problems from heat, it is very important to take the right drinks. If the body remains calm, health is fine and due to heat, these common problems do not bother. Let’s know today about some of the same domestic home remedies that will get great coolness in the body. Also, health problems caused by heat will be far away.

Here, we will tell you 10 tips that Keep You Cool & Fresh in summer-

Lemonade – Lemonade is a desi tonic of the summer season. If there is a decrease in vitamin C content in the body, there may be problems like anemia, joint pain, toothache, payuria, cough and asthma. The amount of vitamin C in lemon is very high. Therefore, it helps you to distance from these diseases. Drinking stomach, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, mixing a little celery, cumin seeds, asafoetida, black pepper and salt in lemon juice gives plenty of relief.

Watermelon juice– The juice of watermelon ends with acidity. Drinking juice of watermelon does not seem to be lu. It protects the body from heart diseases, diabetes and cancer.

Peppermint – Mint is very beneficial in summer. Grind pinch of mint and add salt, cumin and sugar according to taste. Drinking it brings great benefits in problems like lu, fever, burning, vomiting and gas.

Thandai Thandai in the heat is very beneficial for the body. To make it, soak and almonds soak overnight. Grind them in the mixer and mix them in cold milk and drink sugar as per taste and drink them in the morning. The heat will turn out.

Sugarcane juice – Sugarcane juice is very good for health in summer. There are vitamins and minerals. Drinking it keeps freshness. There is a rescue from Lu. By taking sugarcane on a fever, the fever quickly goes away. Sugarcane juice is also beneficial in irritation due to acidity.

If the juice of sugarcane is consumed with lemon juice, jaundice quickly gets cured. Do not drink more sugar than sugarcane juice, it is more beneficial to drink juice.
Removes diseases too.

Buttermilk – The use of buttermilk in the heat is cooling. According to Ayurveda, there are many benefits to drinking buttermilk after eating in the summer. Do not disturb the gas and acidity problems in drinking buttermilk, black salt and cumin seeds in buttermilk.

Barley – barley is made by grinding gram, barley and wheat. It is quite popular in Bihar. Sattu removes the heat of stomach. Some people eat sugar by mixing it with some salt and spices.

Mango – Boil raw mango in water and take its pulp out. Drink sugar, coriander, mint, salt and roasted cumin seeds in it. Heat-related diseases remain far away.

Wood apple juice – Bell fruit juice is very beneficial in summer. Bell’s juice is a panacea in the problems of heat due to diseases such as diarrhea, lungation, heat accumulation in the body.

Fresh fruit juice – By making fresh fruit juices in the heat, it also becomes healthier. Fruit juice such as pine apple, mango, seasonal and orange gives not only energy, but also removes diseases caused by heat.

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