7 Remedies will Reduce High Blood Pressure without Medicine

Always medicines are not an effective remedy for high blood pressure. In some cases doctors call for a change in lifestyle, which is effective in controlling high blood pressure without medicines. Who are you able to get rid of high blood pressure without medicines?

Less Sodium in Food:

The most prominent factor for high blood pressure is sodium. So keep in mind that at least the amount of sodium is used in your food. Keep in mind that salt is the least in your food. (As the restaurants have high sodium in the food) eat cooked food at home. Bananas and pumpkin seeds can be used for potassium.

Weight loss:

The higher the weight around the waist, the greater the risk of high blood pressure. Therefore, control of diet (no fats and red meat) and regular exercise can reduce abdominal fat.

Reduce Stress:

It is not in the hands of reducing or increasing stress, but always avoid things that will create tension for you. Provide the necessary rest for the body. To control the stress, you can join yoga and meditation in your daily routine.

Reduce Non-veg food:

If you have high blood pressure, then you should at least reduce the use of meat-fish. Red meat does not eat at all. Ensure that most of your diet is fresh with fruits and vegetables.

Exercise Every Day:

You do not need to be a fitness freak, nor do you have to do any special exercises. You just have to stay active. Have to walk fast every day at least 30 minutes. Do this for 5 days in the week.

Follow Dash Diet:

The first and most important way to control high blood pressure without medicines is the dash diet. Dash diet consists of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, low salt and low fat foods.

Restraint in Drinking Alcohol:

Do not stop drinking alcohol immediately if you drink it, but exercise restraint for it. The excess of alcohol can harm you. When medication and alcohol intake do not take place together it reduces the effect of the drug.

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