7 Easy Ways to Remove Holi colour from skin

The real fun of the festival comes only in the fun of colors. Even if you have fun while playing colors, but after playing, you can feel like a punishment. Do not panic, we are telling you some easy prescriptions that are available in your home, Let’s learn about the domestic pack for reducing Holi colors-

Lemon, milk and gram flour-

Mix lemon and milk in gram flour and apply it on your skin by making a paste. Allow this paste to remain on the skin for about fifteen to twenty minutes and wash hands with lukewarm water.

Cucumber juice

Take out the juice of cucumber and mix a little rose water and a spoonful vinegar in it. Now mix it well and prepare the paste and clean the face from it. All the scars on your face will be removed and the skin will be blown away.

Radish juice-

Remove the radish juice and mix milk and gram flour or flour in it and make the paste and keep the face clean after filling it on the face for some time. This also clears the face.

Zinc oxide and castor oil-

If you have a deeper color on your skin, then mix two spoons zinc oxide and two spoons of castor oil and apply it on the face. Now rub the face with the soft hands of the sponge and wash face after twenty-five minutes after soaping. The color you have on your skin will descend.

Barley flour and almond oil-

Mix barley flour and almond oil and prepare the mixture. Now clean the color by putting this mixture on the skin. It will work like a scrub and it will be helpful in reducing the color.

Milk and raw papaya-

Grind a little raw papaya in milk and mix it. After this mix some small almond seeds and almond oil in it and wash the face after about half an hour.

Orange peel, lentils and almonds-

Grind orange peel and lentil pulses and almonds in milk and make paste. Now massage this prepared ubton on the whole skin and massage the face and wash the face. Your skin will be cleaned and it will be cleaned.

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