7 Disadvantage of Turmeric, know when should not be used

You may have heard about the benefits of turmeric yet and the turmeric will also be used, but you have not heard of its disvantage . If you really do not know the disvantage of turmeric, then definitely know. So you do not become their victims.

7 Disadvantage of Turmeric-

1- turmeric is very hot, so that is why it is used as a medicine in winter cold. But if your heating is hot then it should be used with caution. Especially in the summer season.

2- If the jaundice occurs, the turmeric can be dangerous if the gallbladder stones or obstruction of the bile

3- Turmeric is harmful for who have a bleeding risk. Because it slows down the process of blood clotting.

4- sugar patients should use turmeric very carefully. Its consumption in excessive quantity greatly reduces blood sugar.

5- Pregnant women should avoid excessive use of turmeric. It is beneficial in limited quantities but if the quantity is high, then it remains a risk of miscarriage.

6- Turmeric reduces the levels of testosterone as well as reduces the number of sperms. So use it in very limited quantities.

7 -Taking excess of turmeric can cause problems like heat, dizziness, nausea and diarrhea.

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