6 Hair Oils which are the Best for your Hair Growth

6 hair oils are the best for hair and using these hair oil will make your hair black, dense, long and strong. 5 hair oils are best for every kind of hair. These hair oils give you relief from all kinds of hair problems. You can also use these 5 best hair oils and find long-dense-beautiful hair

1-Castor oil: makes hair thick-

If you want thick hair, put castor oil in the hair. Applying castor oil in the hair while sculpting the scalp, cover the hair from cotton towels. Wash the hair with lukewarm water after twenty minutes. By doing this daily the hair will become dense.

2-Almond Oil: strengthens hair-

Almond oil rich in Vitamin E, almond oil, is beneficial for skin as well as hair. Applying almond oil in everyday hair keeps hair healthy, soft and shiny. Adding coconut oil to almond oil also gives hair strong strength.

3-Olive Oil: Makes Hair Smooth

Olive oil is also the best for hair. It is not only moisturizing the hair, but the conditioners of the condition found in it provide moisture for the hair, and also provides relief from the problems of Russian etc. Mixing honey in Olive oil gives hair shine.

4-Coconut oil increases hair faster-

Elements such as magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium are found in Coconut Oil i.e. coconut oil. Which make the hair strong and soft even with it. Applying coconut oil daily causes hair to grow faster.

5-Rosemary Oil – Protects hair from white Hair-

If you want to prevent hair from getting white before age, then find Rosemary Oil. Rosemary oil rich in iron, calcium and vitamin B makes hair long and strong. Rosemary oil also prevents hair from becoming white.

6-Avocado Oil: Increases the Glow of Hair-

Avocado Oil gives natural light to hair. For good results mix half tbsp coconut oil and 10-12 drop rosemary oil in a tbsp oil and apply in the hair. Wash the hair after half an hour.

How to make Hair massage-

Applying only oil in the hair will not work, hair massage is also important for long hair, so put oil in the first hair, then slowly massage your skin with the fingers, ie scalp. By doing so oil reaches the hair roots and the hair becomes strong.

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