These 6 foods can Reduce Migraine Pain

There are many types of medicines available to reduce the pain of migraine but if you want you can reduce the pain of migraine by adopting some home remedies. Some diets are those that work to reduce the problem of migraine. If you want these things to eat and drink, you can control the migraine problem to a great extent.

There may be many reasons for having migraine. Many times it happens due to tension and, at times, due to our stereo lifestyle. Try it in such a way that you eat, eat right and sleep all over time.

By including these things in the diet, you can also reduce migraine pain


Drinking fat free milk in migraine will be very beneficial. Vitamin B is found in milk. Which works to deliver energy to the cells. Many times it happens that the brain’s nerves become dull and the pain of migraine starts. In such a way Vitamin B works to give them energy.


The amount of magnesium is found in broccoli. Thereby, relief in migraine aches.

Green leafy vegetables-

Magnesium is found in sufficient quantity of green leafy vegetables. Magnesium works very efficiently in the pain of migraine. There is also plenty of magnesium in cereals, seafood and wheat.

Fish –

Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E are found in fish. Both of these things help control the migraine pain.


The way coffee and tea drinks in normal headaches are beneficial, similarly in Migraine it is also very helpful. When migraine attack comes, you will get relief from drinking coffee.

Red wine-

Tremaine is found in wine and beer, which helps in the removal of migraine pain.

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