5 Effective tips for Tough and Black Elbow Skin

No matter how beautiful you are with the face, the viewers will look at the beauty of your other parts in a few minutes. If not and the skin here is black with the rest of the skin then you need to take care of your elbow.

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1. Cut lemons and rub on your elbows and apply them regularly. Lemon helps a lot to lighten your elbow.

2. Soak the cotton wool in raw milk and put it on the elbow and wash it after drying. Raw milk is a good cleanser, which removes the blackness of your skin.

3. Mix the backing soda in the milk and prepare the paste. Now rub this paste on the elbow and wash it later with water.

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4. Mix one spoonful of sugar in olive oil until the sugar granules dissolve lightly. After this, put it on the elbow and massage with light hands. Do this regularly for 15-20 days.
5. Mix turmeric, Aloe Vera gel and milk in honey and apply it on the elbows. Allow it to dry for about an hour and wash with warm hot water. By adopting these tips regularly, you will get relief from the blackness of the elbows and this will make your elbows soft.

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