50 useful kitchen tips that work in your daily life

When we work in the kitchen, we have to face many types of problems due to not knowing the right way to work or due to lack of time. It will be easy to do, so in this article, we will talk about 50 kitchen-related tips and tricks, which will help you a lot in the kitchen, so let’s know…

Useful kitchen tips & tricks:
  • While making the batter for the pakodas, add a little rice flour to it, the pakodas will become more crispy.
  • Always cook the ground spices on low flame, it gives good color and taste.
  • If you are not able to get the rajma wet at night, then do not worry, put smooth betel nut in the cooker along with rajma and water and apply three whistles. Then when the cooker cools down a bit, open its lid and put a tray of ice cubes and apply it for three to four whistles. Rajma will melt well.
  • If you are keeping something to boil, then make sure that the lid of the pressure cooker or pan is closed, this will make the food boil faster and you will also be able to save on gas.
  • Grind the old or stale bread and keep it in an airtight container. Later it will be used to make cutlets or kebabs. They will not break and become delicious too.
  • To make the gravy tasty, add some sugar to it.
  • Do not add salt while boiling water for cooking rajma or urad dal. This will cook it quickly. Add salt after cooking.
  • If you are going to cook meat, then marinate (keep it for some time in the mixture of spices) a few hours before cooking, then the food will be very tasty.
  • While making any sweet dish, add a pinch of salt to it, it will bring out the taste more.
  • When you don’t have tomato, tomato ketchup or sauce can be used in the gravy.
  • To prevent the lentils from spilling out of the pot, add a spoonful of ghee along with water. By this the lentils will not fall out.
  • While making rice, add 1 spoon of ghee and few drops of lemon juice in its water, due to this the rice will bloom and become completely white.
  • Always use a heavy vessel for making kheer, so that the milk does not burn.
  • To make the puris crispy, add a spoonful of semolina or rice flour while kneading the dough.
  • Putting a small spoon of sugar in the flour and kneading will make the pooris puffy.
  • If you want to add curd to the spices, then first beat it well and slowly add it to the spices.
  • If you are going to keep the dough in the fridge, then apply ghee on it and then cover it and keep it in the fridge. This will keep the dough fresh.
  • Roll out the puris and keep them in the fridge for 10 minutes before frying, so that they will not absorb much oil while frying.
  • To keep the ginger, garlic and green chili paste prepared at home for a longer time, add 1 tsp of hot oil and salt to it.
  • Once the dough is kneaded, add ghee at the end and knead it again, this does not dry the dough quickly.
  • While roasting semolina for halwa, add half a teaspoon of gram flour to it, it will double the taste of halwa.
  • Always use ripe red tomatoes for gravy, it gives good color.
  • If you want to make Tandoori Chapati soft, then while kneading its dough, add curd to it and use lukewarm water to prepare the dough.
  • To make perfect french fries, cut potatoes and boil them in water for 2-3 minutes. Remove them from the water and spread them on a kitchen napkin or tissue paper, so that all their water dries up. Now dust them with cornflour and keep them in the freezer by closing them in a zip lock bag or air tight container. If needed, take it out and fry it immediately.
  • To keep the fridge odor free, keep a slice of lemon in it.
  • Adding some milk along with water while kneading the dough makes the rotis soft and tasty.
  • If oil or ghee becomes too much in a gravy, then keep it in the fridge or freezer for a while. The oil floating on top will settle and you can easily remove it and throw it away. Afterwards, reheat your dish before serving.
  • To remove coffee stains from the cup, fill any soda in it for 3 hours.
  • After making paneer out of curdled milk, you knead the dough with the remaining water, the tandoori chapati will become very soft.
  • If bhindi becomes sticky every time, then add few drops of lemon juice while cooking it, its stickiness will go away. Apart from this, you can also add 1 teaspoon roasted gram flour while cooking bhindi, this will remove the stickiness and make bhindi crispy too.
  • To avoid burning sensation in hands after cutting green chilies, place the fingers in a bowl of cold milk mixed with sugar.
  • To soften the paneer, add salt to the hot water and keep the paneer in it for ten minutes.
  • To make omelet, add 2 spoons of milk while whisking the egg, this will make the omelet soft and fluffy.
  • After grate the cheese, grate the potatoes with the machine (greater) to clean it, this will clean the cheese deposited in the hole.
  • While frying onions, adding a little sugar to them makes them brown quickly.
  • To extract maximum amount of ghee from cream, add ice to it and stir it in a mixer, by this all the butter will separate and come up and the whey will remain at the bottom. You can use this whey or buttermilk to make kadha or rava idli batter.
  • Add two bread slices and a spoonful of sugar to a cup of coconut water and blend it. Mixing it in the idli batter makes the yeast rise well.
  • To make Instant Crispy Potato Chips, cut thin slices of potatoes and keep them in ice water for a while and then fry.
  • If you do not have sourdough to make curd, then put a green chili in milk and keep it, curd will freeze.
  • To make soft and fluffy cake without egg, make cake batter with ripe banana and curd.
  • To make Lauki Ka Kofta or Halwa, knead the dough with the water that comes out after grated it. This will not only make the parathas soft and tasty but also healthy.
  • To make the parathas tasty, add grated boiled potatoes to the flour and mix them.
  • If parathas are fried in butter instead of oil or ghee, then more test is made.
  • You can add sattu to thicken the gravy. This will make the gravy thick as well as tasty.
  • While serving pakodas, sprinkle chaat masala on them, they taste more than this.
  • To keep bhindi fresh for a long time, apply some mustard oil on it.
  • While boiling the noodles, add some salt and oil to the boiling water and wash them with cold water after removing them. Noodles will not stick together.
  • Instead of roasting asafoetida-cumin in the raita, if you add asafetida-cumin tadka, then the raita becomes more delicious.
  • While making lentils, add two tablespoons of rice flour to the batter. Chillies will become crispy and crispy.
  • If the idli dosa mixture has turned sour, then add coconut milk to it. The sourness will go away!

So what is the delay, include these tips in your cooking from today itself and make tasty food.

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