5 ways to apply perfect Wing Eyeliner

Many women face the most problem while applying liner that it does not seem equal and their hands start trembling. Thus, they do not get perfect liner.

Know How to apply perfect Wing Eyeliner If you want to get a perfect makeup look, then for this you should also have perfect eye liner. Many women find eye makeup the most difficult while doing complete makeup and eye liner in eye makeup too. If someone is not able to make a wing, then someone’s wing is not able to be the same on both the eyes. If you want to apply the perfect liner, then you do not have to show lack of confidence or lack of proficiency. For this, you can use the methods of applying eyeliner today. Let’s know the secret of applying a perfect liner.

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1. Apply Liner with Angled Eye Liner Brush:

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This is the easiest and simplest way to apply liner and if you are unable to apply liner then this method is the best. Dip an angled brush in your eye liner and apply it on your outer eye and make a wing shape by taking out the outer side and filling the inner side as well. You can make it smaller or bigger and darker or lighter as per your wish.

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2. Free Hand Guide :

According to this method, you need practice and a well-mannered hand. If you want to apply a neat and clean liner, then this method is going to be the best. Take a pencil liner and extend a line starting from the edge of your eyes. You can adjust its length. Now place the pencil where this line of yours ends and take a slight curve and move the pencil towards your inner corner. It may be difficult for you to make a complete line at once, so you make few points and then join the points.

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3. Draw Eye Liner Using Tape:

This method is also a great way for women who are afraid of eyeliner. According to this method, before applying the liner, you have to put a tape on the side of your eyes where you make a wing. Then you have to do it as you draw the liner and you will get a perfect and equal liner. You have to remove the tape after applying the liner.

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4. Apply Eye Liner With Spoon:

If you want to apply the perfect eye liner you always thought, then you have to take a spoon. Now place the front part of the spoon from where you eat, on your eyes where you are going to apply the liner. Now keep this spoon here and draw the liner with your other hand. You will get the perfect shape of the liner because of the spoon. Applying liner in this way is also quite simple.

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5. Apply Liner Using Swipe Card:

This method also eliminates the problem of applying your eyeliner to a great extent. For this you will only need a swipe card and place one corner of the card on the outer corner of your eye so that it is going towards your eye brow and your liner gets a straight shape. After this you have to put the liner and then remove this card. If your liner gets damaged from somewhere, then you can also clean it with the help of a tissue paper.

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By using these methods, this step of makeup is completed very well and looks very easy too.

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