5 ways to Overcome Dengue Mosquitoes

In the rainy season, your biggest enemies are mosquitoes floating around you. They snatch away the day, and they also blow the sleep of your nights … In order to get rid of these enemies in your Ace, you have to use Mosquito repellent, and sometimes the mosquito nets have to be used. Its mosquitoes do not have any effect, but its smoke makes you feel helpless.

In such a way, these natural remedies can be very helpful to protect mosquitoes. These are not only economical but also have no harm to their health.

Clove oil-

In many research it has been certified that mosquitoes run away from the smell of clove oil. Mix clove oil into coconut oil and apply it on the skin, its effect will not be less than odomos.

Neem oil-

The US National Research Council has also acknowledged in its research that neem oil is more effective than any repellent. Not only that, mosquitoes also come down by planting it.

Celery powder-

According to a Thai researcher, mosquitoes are away from celery. At places where mosquitoes look more, spray the ore in it or put the oven powder.


The aroma of the marigold flowers not only fills you with freshness but the mosquito fades away too. Keep the mug plant not only in your garden but also in the balcony, do not enter the mosquito house during the evening.


The mosquitoes keep away from chewing raw buds of garlic.

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