5 Tips to keep Skin Soften in the Winter Season

As the winter season starts, the skin starts to become rough, hard and lifeless. Besides the skin, lips and heels also start to burst. If care has taken place before they burst, then it is easier to care for them. Otherwise, once the skin, lips and heels begin to burst, then it becomes difficult to fix them.

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Let’s know how to keep the skin soft during the winter season-

1. Use less soap because dryness of skin is increases. Use facewash instead.

2. It is beneficial to take a bath with the ordinary warm water of the weather or the summer. It keeps the color of the skin and does not even get cold . So use lukewarm water for bathing.

3. After the bath in the winter season, do the skin massage with coconut oil. It keeps its skin soft and does not look too soft.

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4. The sun shines in the winter season. Enjoy the sunshine but do not sit in the sunlight. Because the sharp rays of the sun cause skin disorders. Before sitting in the sun, apply sunblock cream or any oily cream.


5. Make regular massage. This makes blood flow to the body in the right way and the skin becomes soft and bright. Massage every day is also less unnecessary obesity and does not even get cold. After washing the skin with oil, it is good to take 20 minutes of sunshine.

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