5 Tips to Keep Lipstick Longer

If you have to keep lipsticks longer on your lips for periods of time, then apply petroleum jelly before putting it on the lips. In this way, he will stay on lips for a long time. Apart from this, we have some more tips that will keep lipsticks on your lips for a long time. Let’s see what they are.

How to Keep Lipstick Longer-

1. If you want your lipstick to last longer, put it in the fridge a night before applying it. Expert believes that by doing so, lipstick remains on the lips for a long time.

2. To apply the right type of base, you should put light powder on the lips. Put lipstick on the powdered lips. After doing this, if you drink a cup of coffee, you will not miss the lipstick.

3. Dark color lipstick looks great on thick lips and makes lips look more beautiful and pink.

4. If you have to show a bulge on the lips, then put a thin lip liner on its side and fill it with lipstick on the lips.

5. One of the tips for elderly women is that if they have to apply lipstick, then do not put bold and dark lipsticks. Never have two shades of lipstick mixed together.

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