5 Tips for Removing Scratch of Eyeglasses

If you are thinking of ordering new glasses soon because of the scratches on the glasses, then stop. Here we are giving you some tips on how to remove the scratch on your eyeglasses. All you have to do is take any kind of talcum powder and rub it on your goggles, it will also appear in front of the scratch.

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Tips for Removing Scratch from Eyeglasses-

1. For plastic eye repair, coconut oil or wax can be used. After applying them, wipe the glasses with the cloth.

2. Your toothpaste in the house can easily do this task. Take a toothpaste with a cloth and rub it slowly on the scratch area of ​​the glasses and see that the mark will be lightened.

3. You can clean scarves of your car’s glass, that is, the windshield water wrap panel. Apart from this, this work can be done easily with metal polish.

4. Prepare the paste with a little baking soda and water and place it on the spot of scratch. This will make your glasses look brand new.

5. Sometimes the scratch is reduced by keeping your glasses in the refrigerator and removing the ice clots on it. You can try it

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