5 Power-packed Breakfast For Children’s in Examination

For children, the time of the exam is a very stressful period of the year. It is not important that they and you are so upset, rather it is important that you give them a good and nutritious breakfast. We tell you 5 Nutritional and Potential Snacks, which you can feed your children early in the examinations.

Milk with cereal:

Instead of sweet or chocolate, use cereal without sugar. You can get fruits in your cereal, which makes it a power-packed breakfast.

Egg-Whole Bread Bread Sandwich:

It’s a great combination of carbohydrate, protein and fiber, it’s a lot of food for your baby.

Oats and Fled Foods:

Oats does not feel hungry for long periods of time. The combination of fruit and oats is delicious and also full of all the essential nutrients.

Nachni or Ragi kheer:

The amount of fiber in Nachni or ragi is high. It is also rich in calcium. It helps keep blood sugar regularly, protects against anemia. That’s why it’s like a great natural medicine that benefits your health in many ways.

Protein with fruit:

Mix whey protein with any fruit, and a great breakfast is ready. This is an easy and tasty way of consuming protein. Actually, the protein helps the brain work faster.

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