5 Natural ways to remove Tanning

The most serious issue that accompanies skin in summer is skin tanning. Skin fix and dull show up. How To Remove Skin Tanning Naturally? let’s know How


Lemon is a best choice to remove tanning. Apply lemon crush on the tanning area and wash with water following 30 minutes.

Yogurt –

Yogurt is huge for both health and beauty. Blend the curd well and thereafter mix lemon crush and apply it in tanning place. Wash following 30 minutes.

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Tomato juice –

Do you realize that tanning is immediately expelled from tomatoes. For this, pound tomato and evacuate its juice. Presently include a little lemon squeeze and apply it to the influenced spot. Wash following 30 minutes. apply it routinely and the skin will gets gleaming.


Mix some turmeric powder with lemon juice and make a paste, apply it At that point, wash following 30 minutes. use 3 times in a week for get best result.


Potassium rich in vitamins C is effective for tanning. With this, dark spots on the skin gradually get lightened. If you want, then grind it and make a paste. If there is no longer time, cut thin slices of potato and rub it on the place of tanning. Potato juice can also be applied. For this, grind the potatoes and take out the juice and add cucumber juice in it. Will soon get the benefit.

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