Do 5 Household Work and lose weight Fast

By doing 5 household chores you can easily reduce your weight and it is not a difficult task to do this. It is commonly seen that many people only consume soup or salad to reduce obesity, but this method is not correct. Benefits from these methods are spoiled. To reduce weight, it is very important to reduce the calorie intake, but not in this way. You also have to exercise to reduce weight. If you do not have time to exercise, then you can easily reduce your weight by doing 5 household chores.

Do 5 household work and lose weight

1) In the 30 minutes of wiping, 145 calories are spent, which is equal to 15 minutes running on the treadmill.
2) When washing, 85 calories burned in 60 minutes, which is equal to 100 situps.
3) Cooking costs 150 calories in 60 minutes, which is equivalent to doing 15 minutes of aerobics.
4) Dusting costs 180 calories in 30 minutes, which is equal to cycling for 15 minutes.
5) Burning 66 calories burned in 15 minutes, while bed is 1.5 km Walking is equal to walking.

Food calorie count-

Along with weight loss by household chores, you also need to take care of diets. Before dieting, it is important for you to know about the calories contained in it before eating, or else all your hard work can be lost. You can lose weight only by the right combinations of diet and exercise. Let us tell you about the number of calories in which, so that you plan your diet accordingly.

* According to dieting, if you want to know the calorie count of non-veg food, tell you that there is 80 calories in an egg and 70 grams of calories in 60 grams mutton, fish and chicken.
* Three-fourth dosa in South Indian dishes, one and a half idlis, 50 grams of poha, 60 grams simile, all of them contain about 100 calories.
* Dairy products have 750 grams of buttermilk, with 100 calories. Similarly, 30 gram cheese, 180 ml Cow’s milk, 260 ml Skimmed milk and 160 gms of yogurt contain 100 calories.
* 100 grams of boiled rice contains 100 calories. 44 gram phulk and 40 grams or 2 slices bread contains 100 calories.
* Similarly, 140 grams of curd of curd, 100 grams of Rajma and 120 grams of Sambhar have 100 calories.
* 40 calories in a cup spinach and 55 calories in a cup broccoli.

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