5 habits must be left in the new year.

It is normal to take a resolution at the new year, but like every time this year not just make promises to themselves, but also to play them. Change this year, those habits that are harming you.

Give Relief to the eyes-

We stick to the screen most of the time nowadays. If you work continuously at the desk, take small breaks. Most of the time, spending on screen can lead to problems like dry, headcake, blurred vision.

Skip the tea-coffee-

If you are very fond of drinking coffee and tea then this time change this habit because it can be very dangerous for your health. Most of all it has a bad effect on your sleep. Place a habit of drinking tea or juice of herbal tea.

Do not smoke –

This is probably the most difficult for you, but it will be really beneficial for you to quit smoking. Even if you consider it to be a stress buster, but this is the reason for cancer. What is the need to make your life deliberately difficult Do not smoke at all. First reduce the cigarette and then slowly shut down.

Do not ignore your family-

Most people in modern lifestyles forget to give time to their family in the work cycle. The time spent with the family is the best, so be sure to spend time, promise to get time for the family.

Never miss breakfast-

Breakfast is the most important thing. This will keep your energy throughout the day. Whether cornflakes or 1-2 parathas, toast or boiled eggs, fruits and nuts .. anyone can start the day with anyone. Prepare for breakfast a day before.

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