5 Fun Ways your Children Will not Refuse to Drink Milk

Do your children start making mouths after seeing milk? Have you been tired of all the ways to give milk, but no use? here is some tips to feed the children in a fun way.

Flavored milk-

There are many flavored milk such as chocolate, strawberry, Butterscotch, vanilla, caramel, rose in the market. You choose such flavors that are natural. You can also make cardamom, walnuts, mint, turmeric or honey and make flavored milk in the house too.

Milkshake –

Milkshake is another method that can be easily prepared in the home and provides a good amount of protein and carbohydrate. Due to abundance of fruits and natural flavors, children get vitamins and fibers also. They make detoxification of the body better by digestion and also increase your immune system.

Colorful Milk-

Colorful ice cubes can also be an interesting way to attract children towards milk. At the time of frying snow, add one-two drops of food to the water and mix them in milk and give them to drink a colorful drink, they will not be able to refuse.

Colorful straw-

If you do not like food color, use a colorful straw. The funny thing is that some straps are such that flavored powder or candy pieces are pasted inside, that means you would not understand how much the children would enjoy by drinking milk from such strata

Dry fruits –

Mix dry fruits and small pieces of fruits in warm milk and give them to drink. It is rich in protein, fiber, anti-oxidants, essential minerals and fatty acids. Both the taste and flavor of the milk glass increases with cashew raisins, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, small berries and pinch of saffron.

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