5 Easy Tips to Make Face Skin Healthy and Beautiful

Everyone wants their face to be shiny, soft, but, wrong eating habits, staying in touch with mobiles and laptops, lack of sun, dust, sleep, and many other reasons also make our face shine pale. In this article, we will tell you how you can keep the skin of your face heath and fresh

1-Use a good milk cleanser to remove makeup, to cleanse the dirt of the day with cotton and wash it with a face face wash.

2- Scrub 2 times a week to keep the skin of the face healthy and beautiful , take steam it will also remove the dead cells of the skin, it removes dirt from the skin’s pores, reduces the possibility of pimple and acne.

3- Due to the fatigue and stress of the whole day, the blackness starts to appear under the eyes, so to enhance the beauty of the face, care of the eyes is very important, for this massage the eyes with good quality cream or gel, or Massage with almond oil or olive oil .

4- Lips care is also necessary for the beauty of the face, so before sleeping, massage almond oil or ghee on the lips before sleeping and apply coconut or mustard oil to the navel, this keeps the color of your lips natural pink.

5- For the face, night creams are very important, use night cream according to the type of skin, all type creams are available in market, by applying this, the skin stays hydrated and the skin color also becomes similar.

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