5 Easy tips for Feeding Stubborn Children’s

Many children are like this, when the name of the food comes, the kids start teasing or they will tell the excuse that they do not have to eat food. Instead, he is attracted to the unhealthy food.

Keep the child’s hunger in mind-

If your child is not hungry, then do not force to eat . Also, do not insist on eating whole foods from the plate. Due to excessive eating, the child may have problems related to stomach. So instead of feeding more once, keep the child feeding something a little while.

Keep away from TV, phone-

Keep them away from any kind of obstacle at the time of the meal of the children. Turn off the TV and turn off the phone or electronic gadget. This helps the child to focus on food. Because the child’s mind is able to eat sugary foods by watching the ad.

Make routine-

Feed to the baby on same time. If your child does not have lunch, then the use of snacks rich in nutrients is beneficial for his body. You can also drink milk or juice to the baby with snacks.

Favorite Foods Make at Home –

If the child wants to consume foods rich in nutrients, then make their favorite foods at home, in which you can add nutrients. This will make him happy and eat it.

Feed in game-

If your child is having trouble eating too much, then try to consume nutritious food items in the game. You can eat different shaped foods. Broccoli and green vegetables with their favorite sauce.

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