4 Home Remedies for Injury Marks-Remove Scars Naturally

In every human life, there have been occasional accidents in which the injury or injury of injury to the body or face on the face does not leave throughout life. But if you want some treatment to remove these marks at home then you can adopt some natural methods.


Lemon is the most effective natural bleaching agent. Lemon is also used in many cosmetics. Also it is effective in removing the trace marks. Use of lemon is a natural and effective method of lightening the trail. In addition, also removes lemonade skin cells and promotes the development of new skin. To reduce the scars of the wound, immerse the cotton wool in lemon juice and rub it on the scalp. Do this every day for a week. You will notice a lot of difference. Tomatoes and potatoes are also a good natural bleaching agent that reduces scars.

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Honey is beneficial for reducing the traumatic traumas naturally. Along with the honey also works as moisturizer. The marks of the wound are actually dead skin cells and tissues. Honey reduces traces by developing new skin tissue. Take a few drops of honey regularly and put it on the mark regularly. You can also mix honey and lemon juice for better results. The combination of these two is a great way to reduce the mark at home.


Cucumber is not only cheap but also easily available. It is also beneficial for the skin as well as for health. Cucumber makes the skin soft and keeps it hydrated. It provides moisture to the dry skin surrounding the scalp while lightening the scar. Make a paste of cucumbers and put it on the mark. For better results, you put this paste regularly. Many creams and scratches made of cucumber extracts are also available in the market. This is also very effective in reducing the scars of the wound.


Sandalwood powders is a very good home recipe to reduce or completely fix the injury marks on the face. Mix the rose water in the sandalwood powders and simultaneously add two spoons of milk. Make a thick paste of it and place it on the mark. Leave for one hour to dry and then wash with cold water. Doing so will gradually reduce the marks.

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