4 Tips for choosing the Right Face Cream

It is very difficult to choose one of the changing beauty products every moment, we use it today, then after seeing the advertisement we use something else, but very few people know what is right for them, if you don’t use face cram according to the skin, face does not have prefect glow, type of skin like dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, select cream according to the skin to do better, in this article we discuss some tips for choosing the right face cream, so you can choose the right face cream to your face, then let us know

According to Skin:-

Face cream is made according to the skin, there are many types of cream, moisturizer cream, glycerin cream, vitamin C cream, antioxidant cream, oatmeal and now even cream with peptides in the market. If you have sensitive skin, use a face cream with moisturizer, it will make the skin flexible and keep it fresh and healthy. It helps in keeping the skin, and also helps in removing facial wrinkles, use a glycerin cream for dry skin.This cream makes the skin hydrate and strengthen from the inside out, it removes skin dryness. Also, creams with vitamins and antioxidants also work to make the skin healthy.

Moisturizer and Foundation:-

If your face skin is dry and grainy too, then use cream containing Moisturizer and Foundation. This cream works well to hide stains, makes the skin soft, shiny and also protects from the sun. This cream works together with primer, moisturizer, foundation treatment, concealer and sunscreen,

Face Essential Sunscreen:-

There are 2 types of sunscreen. The cream containing 20 SPF is very low in chemical. The sunscreen which contains more than 20 SPF has a lot of chemical, the more spade is the more it is chemical, UV rays in India is not of a circumcision level. Therefore, the use of sunscreen with low chemical is only enough.Night cream is also necessary for the maintenance of face skin.

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What is BB and CC Cream :-

BB cream means Blemish balm cream, With BB Cream, the skin is soft and does not show spots, it has many types of nutrition which gives the skin many benefits, if you have a lot of nail pimples and skin oily then do not use BB cream.

CC Cream means Color Correction Cream. This cream improves the color of the face. It works to make the consistency of the fodder evenly. If you have pimples in your face, CC C ream is better to use, if your skin is dry apply Moisturizer before CC Cream.

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