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Karva Chauth Mehndi Designs: When it comes to Karva Chauth, the excitement of dressing up in women doubles. Part of this decoration is ‘Mehndi’. Every girl and woman wants to have the most beautiful mehndi design in her hands. Everyone wants their Mehndi design to be the best. A woman’s makeup is incomplete without Mehndi. Apart from this, henna is also used as medicine. Today in this article, we are sharing 21 beautiful mehndi designs, so that you will be able to add beauty to your makeup.

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Arabic Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is very popular and easy. Mostly those girls and women like to apply it, who do not like too full of mehndi designs. This design is very simple. It mostly shows patterns, leaves and dots, which are simple and beautiful. There is no need to wait for any festival to apply this type of designer mehndi, you can apply it at any time.

Motif Mehndi Design

In Motif Mehndi Designs, the shape of flowers, leaves, peacock or elephant are mostly made on the hand. This design is very desi and traditional. This mehndi design is very balanced. In this, neither the hands are filled completely nor remain empty.

Full Hand Mehndi Design

After simple mehndi design comes full hand mehndi design. This mehndi design is especially for those who like to apply mehndi on the whole hand. This mehndi design is a little more than simple and a little less than bridal.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Every woman wants to make 16 makeup like a bride in Karva Chauth, so this Karva Chauth decorate her hands with attractive designs of Bridal Mehndi. The design is very full and subtle, which feels almost in your hands. In this, attractive designs of king-queen, peacock or elephant are made. This design completely depends on the art of the maker, how they decorate your hand.

Romantic Heart Shape Karwa Chauth Chalni and Thali

Colorful Mehndi Designs

If you are bored with the same type of mehndi design, then now is the time to adopt some new and different design. Forget that design, which used to have the same color, because this mehndi design is a bit different. If you like colorful things, then you can add color to your designer mehndi to give it a new look. If you want, you can also use glitter or sparkle color in it.

Stone mehndi design

With the passage of time, modern changes have also been seen in the design of mehndi and stone mehndi design is one of them. Stone mehndi design is also very much in fashion these days. It not only has colours, but also beautiful stones i.e. shiny stones are applied, which enhance the beauty of the design.

Glitter Mehndi Designs

After colorful and stone mehndi designs comes the number one of glitter mehndi designs. It is made in the same way as the common mehndi design. Glitter i.e. bright colors are used in this, which makes the ordinary looking design special.

Curved mehndi design

Simple and beautiful looking curved mehndi design looks classy in spite of being very subtle. Be it bridesmaids in weddings or girls who prefer less makeup in festivals, this design enhances the beauty of everyone’s hands.

Peacock Mehndi Design

Peacock mehndi design is very common but most liked design. It is a mixture of small flower-leaf, curved and patterned designs. In this, the shape of a peacock is made in the middle of the palm, which enhances the beauty of this design.

Tattoo Mehndi Designs

This mehndi design is for those who want to avoid the hassle of drying henna for hours or who do not like the smell of mehndi. It feels like a sticker on the hands and stays for a short time. If you have to go to a function or party and want to decorate your hand mehndi design in less time, then tattoo mehndi is the best option. Nowadays girls and women have started getting tattoo mehndi made on the shoulder, neck, waist or arm as a fashion.

Shaded mehndi design

This mehndi design is very easy. In this, the design is made by making a deep outline or border. Then, just as colors are filled in a picture with a sketch pen, in the same way, the empty space is shed with mehndi. Of course, this design does not make the hand look full, but it does look attractive.

Finger Mehndi Design

If you do not like to apply mehndi on the whole hand and do not like tattoo mehndi, then finger mehndi design is the best option for you. In this, if you want, you can make a fine design in just one finger or all the fingers. As you can see in the picture of this mehndi design, it is so subtle, simple and small that it will fit even the tiny fingers of small children. If your daughter also insists on applying mehndi, then you can try this mehndi design.

Rajasthani Mehndi Designs

There is a lot of detail in Rajasthani Mehndi design, in which Mewari elegance is seen. The glory of the palm is enhanced by carving the picture of the beautiful king and queen with mehndi. Apart from this, Rajasthani elegance is beautifully depicted by making a peacock in some design and an elephant in some.

Wristband Mehndi Design

When this design is adorned on your hands, it will look like you are wearing wristbands in your hands. This mehndi design is not on your palms and entire hand but on the wrist. There is more use of designs like flowers and strings.

Bracelet mehndi design

This mehndi design is best for girls or women who like to wear band or bracelet in their hands. The design may be small, but it is not easy, as it has a lot of detail and adorns your wrist like a bracelet. Viewers of this design will feel that you are wearing a band or bracelet in your hand.

Ring Finger Mehndi Design

This mehndi design looks like a ring on your fingers. If you are fond of wearing rings and you want to enhance the beauty of your beautiful ring, then this design is perfect. This is a very slim and easy mehndi design.

Small Hand Mehndi Designs

Many girls and women complain that their hands are small, so they do not get a good mehndi design on their hands. In this situation your complaint will get resolved by looking at the above mehndi design image. Almost every design is made in it easily.

Jewelery Mehndi Designs

This mehndi design is no less than any jewellery. When this design is adorned on your hand, then the viewer will feel that you are wearing a jewel in your hand.

Floral mehndi design

Who does not like flowers and if this flower becomes a mehndi design and adorns your hands, then it is a different matter. Floral mehndi design is easy and attractive as it is designed with thick border and outline, which makes it special.

Pearl Or Moti Mehndi Designs

If you do not want to get colorful or glitter design mehndi, then pearl design mehndi is better for you. The simple floral design and the pearls adorning it make this design special, yet simple.

Kids Mehndi Designs

As the name suggests, this is a mehndi design to enhance the beauty of your little one’s hands. Even though this design may look fine, but it is not. This mehndi design is very simple and you can make yourself on your child’s hand too. This design is made up of lines and small circles.

Some Tips for Applying Mehndi –

Now that you have seen such beautiful mehndi designs, then now also know about some tips for applying mehndi.

What to do ?

  • Before applying mehndi, wash and clean your hands properly, so that the mehndi can bloom well on your hands.
  • After applying henna, you leave it for six to eight hours. The longer you keep the henna, the darker the color will be. If you want, apply mehndi at night and leave it for the whole night.
  • Keep applying lemon and sugar juice on your hands to make it stay longer and to deepen the color.
  • After applying lemon-sugar juice before sleeping, heat the clove on the pan, take its steam on your hand.
  • Let the henna dry naturally, do not use a hitter or dryer. By doing this, the henna will dry quickly but the color will not darken.
  • Do not use water to remove henna, instead apply mustard oil or balm.
  • Do not wash your hands with water for at least five-six hours after removing the henna.
  • Do not use a razor to remove the henna, otherwise you may peel your hands.
  • Try to use organic henna. If organic henna is not available then buy normal henna, but do check the expiry date. Using expired henna can cause burning, itching or allergic reactions on your skin.
  • If you feel burning or itching after applying henna, wash your hands immediately.
  • Everyone wants his mehndi design to look most beautiful and attractive, so in this festive season you should also try these above mentioned mehndi designs. Also, do not forget to share the photo of mehndi adorned on your hand in the comment box.
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